Thursday, March 27, 2008

3bt times ten

Some days you need to stop and remember the sheer beauty of life. Well, technically this should be everyday but some days you need it more than others. So in honor of the 3bt (Three beautiful things Thursday) I'm doing 30 things I love (idea from Paper Napkin) If you do it too let me know, would love to read it.

  1. Sleeping in on chilly mornings
  2. Paninis
  3. Good books
  4. Tea
  5. Perscriptives Concealor.
  6. Hugs
  7. Spanish Tiles
  8. Ugly Betty
  9. King of Queens reruns
  10. Krogers Dollar movie rental
  11. Orbit gum
  12. Knee high boots
  13. Socks
  14. Lost
  15. black rimmed glasses
  16. Sunsets on the beach
  17. Sunflowers
  18. Cafe Istanbul
  19. Chi
  20. Wireless Internet
  21. Tivo
  22. Autumn leaves
  23. Bendel Candles
  24. Bloggyness
  25. Nose rings
  26. Ray Lamongtagne and other good music
  27. Throw pillows
  28. Porch swings
  29. Chocolate
  30. Tetris
Feeling better already!


rehtwo said...

Tetris! Haha that explains your score on Facebook...I haven't the slightest how you manage to do that. You must have cat-like reflexes...or something :-P

pixie said...

Great list!:)

zeens said...

great idea! i ended up doing it today on mine. And I did feel better too!!! Plus we match a few (I did mine and then read yours just to see!!)

huda said...

I did it!

Aisha said...

Rehtwo, yeah, it sucks because I know I can never beat that score, lol :) I'm an idiot savante in the world of tetris ;)

Pixie, thanks :)

Zeens, cool! Where's your website? Would love to see it :)

Huda, i saw it, will comment on it soon :)

zeens said...

oops...yeah it's

still in progress! i'm so slow.

mystic said...

and no chai !!! ??????/

Tee said...

I'm thankful for almost all of those things, too :)

Tee said...

Oh - and I chew Orbit, too. My favorite is "sweet mint".

mazin said...

please visit

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