Monday, January 28, 2008

Aisha, the bookworm

I have books coming out of my ears. There's the bag book [for waiting moments], the car book [audio book], the bed book [good but slightly sleep inducing], and the everywhere book [the book you just CANT put down].

The libraries in the two cities I lived in before this one didn't charge late fines. Many find this incredible, as though I'm saying I once had zebra stripes and lived amongst the fairies. But its true and because I wasn't used to fines, I ended up accumulating hefty ones thus putting me off libraries for 3 years.

One of my goals for my 108 in 2008 was to pay off my fine and start checking out books again. In doing so I've re-discovered the library and how economical, and wonderful it really is. My county has an online catalog where you can search books, ask the library to hold them for you, and then you can pick them up, read them, drop them off, pick up more, FOR FREE! I grew up on the library so this shouldn't really feel like a novel concept, but somehow it is. Thanks to the library I'm reading books I might never have and reading more than I have in YEARS.

These are my latest reviews on the books I've recently read: The Green Book, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Man Walks Into a Room, Shopaholic & Baby, Snowflower and the Secret Fan, Northanger Abbey, Baby Proof, About a Boy, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Atonement

Read any of these? I'd be curious on your take! Any books you recommend?


mystic said...

Read Rohinton Mistry's "A Fine Balance". Its a must read for soul like you !

Also read "Satanic verses" keeping all biases away !!

mystic said...

By the way, thanks for so many reviews together. It helps.

This morning I roamed for 2 hours in Barnes n nobles and was undecided what to buy for my new read. I liked the idea of "Man Walks Into a Room". I think tht would be my next read.

mystic-soul said...

see my last post !!

Anonymous said...

"PUNJAB CASTES" by Denzill Ibbeston.
first published in 1880 or so. I got it through interlibrary loan

Anonymous said...

I like the whole Shopaholic series. Have you read the others?

Muslim Wife said...

Oh my god, "Shopaholic and Baby"??? The last I read was Shopaholic Goes to Manhattan". How behind am I? Happy reading! :-)

Aisha said...

Mystic, I'm glad I helped you in your book buying. If you do read "Man walks in.." You'll have to let me know what you think! And I will read your post soon I'A!

Abu ji, :) I read the best parts though!

Anon- I havent' read the others in the series.... I might, I liked it okay.

Muslim Wife, LOL yeah even she has a baby now hehehe... its an okay book... :)

Tee said...

Yay! The library RULES :)

I totally agree with Mystic's first recommendation.

...You got through Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close?? I wanted to so badly but it gave me a headache. I have it on my list to attempt again though.

Anonymous said...

read 3 cups of tea. they r making movie too.

Baraka said...

I've got to get to the library more often.

I keep saying I'm on an official book buying moratorium but somehow the piles of 50+ books keeps growing!

Of these I have read Atonement and Northanger Abbey. The former I saw after seeing the film so didn't enjoy it as much. The latter is Jane Austen-lite but even that is more enjoyable than much of what is published today,

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