Thursday, January 17, 2008

Three Beautiful Things Thursday

1. Standing outside in the still of night looking, touching, tasting the rare presence of snow; watching its descent as it swirls down to earth blanketing grass, trees, trucks and roof tops, and anything else still enough to allow its brief repose.
2. Potatoes and their long shelf life which comes in handy when spouses remember to bring the salmon but forget the green beans entirely.
3. Being born in a life where my gender does not bind my feet. Why is it, throughout cultures and generations, its women who get the short end of the stick? Foot binding may no longer happen, but the fact that it ever did to someone somewhere, breaks my heart.


Enyur said...

beautiful :o)

p.s. Although, I hate entering this word verification thingy, I love the silly letters it generates lol! The one I got right now is "butft" (is that like supposed to be short for "butt foot??" uh..whatever that!)

mystic said...

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow !!!

yasmine said...

mein gott. that woman and the images of her feet just break my heart. =/

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