Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A day in the life of Aisha..

Me: Hello. Can I talk to Billy?
X: Billy isn't here. This is his mother. Can I help you?
Me: Well I was calling about his lawn service.
X: Billy's lawn service?
Me: We've been playing phone tag but I can leave my number.
X: Silence.
Me: Um, hello?
X: Billy is 10.
Me: 10!?!
X: How did you get his number?
Me: He put an ad on Craigs List. He said he's been in the lawn care business for 7 years.. but he's 10 so...
X: Unbelievable. This is his father's fault you know, we've been going through some rough times lately and well...unbelievable.
Me: 10... he sounded older....
X: Unbelievable. His dad is going to hear it!
Me: Weird! This is XXX-XXXX right?
X: silence. No.
Me: Oh, whoops, sorry this is the wrong number. ha ha ha!
X: Silence. Click.


Tee said...

OMG - More weirdness! LOL.

I would be feeling so badly that I had upset this lady for no reason... Hee hee.

yasmine said...

hahahahaha oh goodness, that was hilarious, dude!

Poor Billy, he was all set to get it from the ummy. Billy's lawn service?! bwahahaha

can't stop laughing. :D

aishah said...

I can say that lady is a patience one. LOL. But, this really makes my day :)

Muslim Wife said...

HILARIOUS! love it : )

pixie said...

That was so funny!!!!!!!!!

Aisha said...

Tee, yes the strangeness continues, lol :)

Yasmine, what were the odds that this person would also have a Billy in residence, lol...

Aishah, I think we were both confused :)

Muslim Wife, Pixie, thank you :) lol.... I had to share.... it was too funny to pass up.

Suroor said...


Cute :)

Anonymous said...


Arfeen said...

that was totally hilarious !!! lol

mystic said...

Hahahaha !!

Hilly Billy always

mystic said...

she must be thinking, you are just joking..did she call you back (caller ID) or reported you to telephone

shaz said...

this cracked me up!! :)

Anonymous said... thing it was the wrong billy, i was fearing for the dad!...:)


toshspice said...

That was so so funny.

Aisha said...

Glad y'all liked it :)What were the odds though you know? I guess billy is a more common name than I ever thought!

Shawna said...

this really had me laughing. :) I was so worried for their family lol.

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha oh man that is a funny one! :)

-Aamina (yep your little tlc)

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