Monday, April 28, 2008

Because a picture can speak a thousand words

I don't normally do the political talk on my blog for many reasons. But I couldn't resist sharing this. (Thanks Tee!) [Source here]


mystic-soul said...

I m gonna vote for Obama..

But I think race will still play the role and he will loose to McCUN(NING)

Amanda said...

Hey Aisha,
Funny cartoon! Actually I have an ulterior motive for leaving this comment - I wanted to email you and ask whether you still had your COL hooding regalia from graduation last year (I can't find your email address tho - I think I only have your GSU address). I am (hopefully) going to pick up my regalia at the bookstore next week (since I forgot to pre-order it) but I wanted to see if you had yours as a backup, just in case they run out or something. Anyways . . . could you send me an email? you can still reach me at my GSU email: aclark29


Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

the aliens love you!! please read!!

pilgrimchick said...

The most amusing part of that has to be the expression on Obama's face there.

Shawna said...

i tagged you

Aisha said...

Mystic- hope not!

Amanda- is it too late? I have'nt been on my blog much lately! I should have it somewhere. I will send you an email as well.

Pilgrimchick- LOL yes, thats what I loved about it too!

Shawna- ooh, good, it will help me motivate to blog! :)

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