Wednesday, April 09, 2008

To no one in particular

Not abuse?

Not abuse?

Refusing to let her leave her home?
Or see her family?
Or hold her child without your jealousy intruding?
Not abuse?

When she
Bore your children
Boosted your ego
Cleaned your home
Served your dinner
Sacrificed her life so you could succeed in yours
Is this what she deserves?

Its a woman's job.
So your humanity is optional?
Many women have it worse.
So it makes it right?

Its just words.
It still hurts.
Its just in anger.
Its still abuse.


mezba said...

Then this news won't please you.

Sad, isn't it, some people?

Anonymous said...


Suroor said...

Very powerful. I loved it.

Tee said...

Too many women in this situation - and yes, it is abuse. There are many types and not all of them leave a bruise - at least not where anyone can see. There are many women with broken hearts and damaged self esteem because of men who have abused their power and not treated their wife the way they should.

I hope that even just one man reads this poem you've written, Aisha, and that he changes his ways.

Living Away said...

this is a very strong post and unfortunately fits a lot of us, women!

Anisa said...

i want to punch this person.

Aisha said...

Mezba, it is. That story is very familiar, its one of the biggest struggles for attnys that handle domestic violence cases.... the vicious cycle that continues.

Anon, Suroor, thanks

Tee, if only the one it was written for would read it you know? But you're right, as long as one person is affected its worth sharing.

Living, Its sad... and its so unversal...

Anisa, yeah, its frustrating... :(

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