Monday, June 02, 2008

Life is Good

En route to a picnic by the lake the family minivan screeched to a halt as we realized to our dismay we had not one football nor frisbee to speak of so quickly purchased one at the closest sporting store along the way. Now when I'd see it I'd inwardly smirk. Life is Good says the green discus. It doesn't ask nor gently imply, it simply informs you of an unquestionable reality. Period. But today as I caught a wayward pass I thought: (1) If I have the $15 to buy this frisbee. (2) and have the time to play with this frisbee and (3) If I am in fact playing this frisbee with another, well then, in that moment in time as the discus passes from hand to hand, Life really is Good. Deep frisbees. Who knew?


mezba said...

All my frisbees say things like Rogers Telecommunications or Coca Cola... corporate freebees..

Aisha said...

LOL.... hmmm so then Life Is Good is not an absolute qualification as with these frisbees? :)

Tee said...

Ah, I like this one :) I love learning these unexpected profound lessons found in everyday objects, don't you?

Funny you bought a frisbee with this slogan on it. I've been volunteering at the Elementary school this past week and for field trips many of the teachers had the students purchase colored shirts to keep them together as a group. One class wears red, another blue, etc, but all of them have the school name and the slogan "Life is Good". (No kidding!)

When I first saw it, it reminded me of a phrase often used in African American churches. The Pastor will say, "God is good!", and the congregation immediately responds, "All the time!" - Then the Pastor says, "All the time!" and the congregation shouts out, "God is good!"

Thinking about this made me smile :)

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