Thursday, July 31, 2008

Four Beautiful Things Thursday

1. Cheerful Insomnia. Falling asleep well past sunrise laughing, talking, and remembering with the people who matter most in this world.
2. Yellow Bunnies. Because when your now grown up cousin tells you he still has the yellow bunny you gave him when he was one, to remember you by, you can't help but feel a sudden rush of warm goodness in your soul.
3. Squirrel Tikka Masala. When you can pick up with old friends as though no time passed in between [with inside jokes to boot!], what a lovely thing indeed!
4. Aamina. Pedicures or hair woes, late night talks, or laughing for no reason, you're more than a cousin, you're the sister I never had, and a beautiful part of my life.


Anisa said...

very sweet. really enjoyed this post!

mystic-soul said...

Squirrel Tikka Masala, bole to?.....

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