Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Three things you should know about Aisha the lawyer.

1. I don't know anything about immigration or real estate law. This means no, I can't give you advice at a dinner party on your visa status, nor can I help you close your house for free simply because my mom was born in the same country your mom was.

2. It must be nice to have an attorney friend but when you befriend me and two seconds later request free legal help, its kind of obvious, and sort of hurtful. Using others as a general rule, is not nice. [good friends, I don't mean you!]

3. Just because I have close ties to my alma mater does not mean I can "pull strings for you" to get you in. Its unethical, its unfair, and even if I could, I wouldn't.

Seriously, if I had a nickel for every time one of the above statements applied, I'd have... two bucks. Next step: Tattoo aforementioned statements on arm, so I can merely raise, and point to the applicable offense, thereby reducing the posting of gripes such as this and saving me time, of which I am given a limited quantity.


mystic-soul said...

So how many times we can renew F1 visa. Thought you may

adnan. said...

you could just put the statements on a shirt. then it's less permanent.
or the back of your business card.

also, do you do traffic tickets? =P

Zulfi said...


I had commented on your blog "Discrimination from Within". Could you please respond to that ?



Aisha said...

Mystic, lol, No clue :)

Adnan, you made me laugh out loud, thanks :)

Zulfi, I dont respond to comments on archived posts. I appreciate your comments and read them. Thank you for sharing them, they are food for thought.

Tee said...

LOL - I can't imagine the uncomfortable situations you face with a law degree.

When I was tutoring English I was asked a couple times if they (the student), could pay me to fill out INS papers instead of doing the English lesson. LOL.

I actually used to be good at it back in the day, but so many laws have changed since my husband became a citizen. I'm blissfully ignorant of the process now.

Anonymous said...

what about getting me out of jail? im getting clausterphobic in here. even though i'm not your friend just yet, what if i promise to be?

Aisha said...

Tee, I guess it extends beyond law, huh? :)

Anon, umm... lol. Yes, I will choose to lol on that one! :)

Just Jane said...

I feel your irritation. Since becoming a nurses' aid and certified professional rescuer, anytime anyone in the family is ill, my mother more or less volunteers me to help out and take care of them. While I sincerely care and want to help, my mother seems to forget that I already care for my dad several days a week, am raising two young children and need to sleep at some point. I can't imagine how it will be once I finish my nursing degree.

sophister said...

I like how you have used legalese to describe the aforementioned heretofore similarly experienced situations listed supra. I definitely know the feeling.

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