Monday, September 29, 2008

As we close Ramadan....

Children and mothers get gassed by a chemical irritant several days ago in a Masjid. Apparently this is a backlash from the millions of Ob$e$$ion DVDs being sent in newspapers across the country by an organization seeking to ensure that freaked out folks will vote McCain. i find it fascinating that the same newspapers that distributed these millions of DVDs that helped spread the hate far and wide are the same ones not covering this story. I appreciate the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and the News and Record of Greensboro, NC for refusing to include this DVD and recognizing that hate mongering can only yield hate. Ohio is now showing sad proof of this reality. On a "what can I do about this note", the simplest step, clicking on the links to the two newspapers that didn't distribute and sending a quick e-mail saying thanks. If you live in a state that received this through your newspaper, call them, tell them you are canceling your subscription and tell them why. In a day and age of a quickly declining print media, your action will have impact.


Tee said...

Excellent ideas about contacting the newspapers. This year I have been really impressed by the power of my voice - whether I choose to use it to denounce or to praise - it has power. I have E-mailed various newspapers, journalists and such over many issues and quite often what I've had to say is actually taken into consideration.

So absolutely - Everyone should take a moment to E-mail. Despite what it feels like, you're not shouting in the dark.


Anonymous said...

Not to say it isn't, but is there any proof that this is related to the DVDs? Lets not imply it is just because its a bloggers opinion. This jumping to conclusions is exactly what we accuse others of doing about Islam.

I agree that the newspapers shouldn't have allowed these hate filled DVDs to be sent out.

Aisha said...

Tee, I agree, and if it doesnt work to contact the organizations responsible directly, contacting their advertisers, I've heard, can move mountains.

Anon, agreed. We don't know since they have not caught the people and asked them why they did it. I am speculating.

pixie said...

I was so afraid that this was going to happen when this DVD fell out of my newspaper. Out of curosity I started watching it and I had to shut it off. I told DH that just watch and see what kind of stuff this DVD will produce. I don't know why they had to send something like this during Ramadan.
The Boca Masjid was vandalized a couple of months ago and it never once made the news.

Aisha said...

Pixie, I heard about that. It didn't even make the local news?!? apalling. I am like you, I can't watch stuff like that, makes me so upset. You should call and let your newspaper know and cancel your subscription, you can always resubscribe after elections if you wanted!

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