Friday, October 10, 2008

And That is That

Is being called a "that" offensive? Or is it being blown up as McCain's camp says? Click on this link and scroll to 1:30 where the satirical Biden makes a similar statement [before THAT become the issue it is]... I think the answer is clear.

Incidentally, I too am voting for That One! [Thanks for sharing Tee!]


adnan. said...

ah, but when senator mccain said "that one" what he meant was...

Tee said...

I think McCain saying "that one" was meant to be an insult and disrespectful. I don't think it was intended in that moment to be racist, but it was, (that's my opinion.) --- Just because something isn't MEANT to be obviously racist, doesn't mean it isn't - know what I mean? ... And as a politician, John McCain should know better... Of course, maybe he did it on purpose to see if Barack would take the bait and complain - so then he could be accused of playing the race card. So I think the Obama campaign was smart to downplay it.

But make no mistake about it, John McCain is racist and offensive, and what he and Palin have been doing at their rallies, encouraging their crowds to become angry and shout out things like "kill him" and "terrorist" is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous.

Minute 1:40 of this video:

... On a lighter note - the Biden impression cracked me up. Have you seen Biden's reaction to that video? Seeing him laugh at it is even funnier.

mystic said...

Its over..McCain is history...

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