Wednesday, October 08, 2008

So mad I could shoot a moose

I might go into more later, but as I head to bed tonight I just wanted to say that what struck me tonight aside from McCain's poor attempts at humor (Not you, Tom), was the particularly demeaning nature of his "That One" comment. [3 second clip below]. I get this is an election and you wanna win (that's me bein folksy guys!) but you don't have to go an' get mean and nasty with attacks that have nothin to do with substance but simply go towards cultivatin unbased fears. He is not, a THAT one, he is a Senator, like you. Let your record speak, not your fear tactics. Oh, and the not shaking hands things? [video of it in the link] Uncool [trying hard to be polite].


Suroor said...

Silly old man!

Anonymous said...

ditto!! he came acoross as a total pompous a$$ (pardon my french). and judging by the speed at which he skedaddled out of there, he knew. what a maverick :P.


mezba said...

He's a nasty, nasty, old man.

Reminds me of the old folk in rural town who say when you walk in the coffee shop, "I remember how things used to be ...."

Tee said...

The "that one" remark made me FURIOUS. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who immediately noticed how boorish and disrespectful that was.

If you want a laugh though, check this out:

Anonymous said...

wait...a second...McCain and Obama hugged right at the end. If you notice carefully, when Tom Browkaw was trying to wrap it up he was reading from the teleprompter and Obama and McCain hugged...and blocked view to the teleprompter and Tom made a joke about it. I think the CNN reporter missed that and was claiming that they didnt shake hands. Either way Obama '08 :)


Aisha said...

Suroor, Amen

Ash, Mezba, exactly!! I heard that is turning a lot of the young ones against him, his rudeness and condescending attitude.

Tee, lol at the image!

fs, that's right, they did hug!! Yeah, i get that now, thanks for pointing it out, when I get home I'll update it with a correction.

Anonymous said...


they had to hug/shake hands then since it was the end of the debate and that's the customary/usual thing to do - plus everyone's still watching and it's still being aired. him refusing to shake hands/pointing obama to his wife instead was, in a word, rude to say the least.


Anisa said...

how do people take mccain/palin seriously? wake up, america!

Aisha said...

Ash, man, you make a good point too..... whatever his intention... it was rude, but its not as glaring knowing that he had hugged him earlier... anyways subjective issue I guess.

Anisa, Sigh. We live in a state that might just make it happen though.

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