Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Beautiful Things Thursday

1. Watching the Presidential debate at Obama headquarters in D.C.
2. Seeing the monument and Capitol Hill from my bedroom window.
3. If one must have a roommate, a nice and normal one.


mystic said...

r u in DC?

mystic said...

oops..delete my above querry. Read your post below.

What you mean 'at Obama HQs in DC'

Bee Amma said...

i have never known of a nice normal roommate!

pilgrimchick said...

If number three is indeed true, I must agree--that is the rarest case in the bunch.

misspecs said...

Number 2 sounds great. You must have such a view at night!

Aisha said...

Mystic, yep :) by O HQ I mean, a campaigning office in the DC area where they had a big screen of the debate and food and lots of supporters.

Bee Amma, PilgrimChick, lol, yeah I know!!! Last year's was a doozy!

Misspecs, thanks for your comment, yeah, it was a great view :)

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