Thursday, November 06, 2008

An attempt to articulate

I don't understand why the emotion runs so strong.

Is it because people in London, Kenya, Greece, India, the world all around are lit up with excitement in a way I have never witnessed before.

Is it because two homeless people in San Francisco, one toothless and shoeless, the other wrinkled pushing a stroller filled with pillows, approached me not asking for money but instead asking me to please vote for Obama?

Is it because I saw a black woman I respect break down and weep like a small child as she remembers the struggles of the civil rights moments and comprehends the magnitude of now.

Is it because of the lines I saw filled with tired people, giving up vacation and personal days to stand in the cold and the rain for a man they believed in?

Is it because I love his vision for the future and find his eloquence a breath of fresh air after eight years of suffocation?

Is it because so many disenfranchised suddenly feel heard?

Is it because Demba's world will now truly seem limitless?

Is it because though I am fully grown, seeing him become President makes me think I can be anything I want to be? That my future could be limitless if I choose it to be so?

Is it because he pointed out to us the power that we have in changing our country and that his election is proof of that, and now I have hope that the youth will once again become involved and care about the Nation we live in?

Is it because he represents so many of us? Children raised by single mothers, middle class, someone who struggled to find his identity and place in the world, someone who is multiracial, someone who is black, someone who is white, someone who lived in Indonesia, whose father was Kenyan, whose middle name sounds beautiful to me?

Or is it because though he is these labels he transcends them? He inspires, he brings hope and he just might possibly help make this country again one that is admired and respected throughout the world.

Obama symbolizes many things, but for me he represents hope. Hope for my country, its institutions, for its citizens, and for me. And hope is a tricky thing, intangible yet strongly felt and as is evident here, quite impossible to adequately describe.


mystic said...

May God bless and protect him...

raniyas said...

I think it was very historic, and I am not from the states. But yes the decisions of the american presidents effect our politics and our economoy too. But when i watched his speech life, and heard his words.. I was so happy for him and the americans, and those dreamers. Also as he is an awesome example of someone who made it this far, yet was so calm. Despite all that and not having much to do with america, I cried when I heard the speech, as I felt americans had been liberated after oppression. May God bless him and give him the strength to fulfill his promises.

Tee said...

It is all that and so much more. There is a joy that exists that can not be articulated in words, and thanks be to God, we are experiencing it.


rickshawdiaries said...

What a beautiful & eloquent post - it made me cry!

May we remain engaged to help with the work that lies ahead, and may God protect and guide him to the best of decisions for all, ameen!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully, beautifully said. You also had me in tears!


Anisa said...

a man, half-black, half-white, born to a muslim father with a muslim name (although he is obviously christian).

in america, this man became president.

i can't think of a more beautiful thing. this is the promise of america...the american dream. he showed that it is not just a fairy tale.

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