Thursday, November 13, 2008

Three Beautiful Things

1. Autumn. Having grown up in a state where leaves changing was merely theoretical, seeing orange and yellow trees still makes me stop in my steps, my heart in my throat as I watch God's temporary annual exhibition of art unfold.
2. Chilly Weather. I love boots and sweaters and turtlenecks and long socks and shawls and fleeces and blankets covering chilly toes while one sips chai as the heater hums, the weather these days lends itself easily to my favorite activities.
3. Zaxby's. It really is indescribably good. The wings and chicken salad? One day I shall sing an ode to thee. Truly. More than the cheap healthy yummy eats, its the comfortable booths, the great music, and the endless soda refills that make this unlikely place our place, a place to recharge ones batteries and catch up after a long and tiring day.


pixie said...

I miss chilly weather and autumn!!!!! I loved when the leaves change. That's one thing I will always hate about Florida, no autumn!!!!:(

Aisha said...

Yeah, Florida does lack that :) That's my home state :)

mystic-soul said...

This year, I made special effort to take 4 days off - and to go and see fall in upstate NY

It was kind of a very spritual experience

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