Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Sitting across the dinner table, K and I had the same conversation we tend to have each New Years Eve without fail:

K: It's New Years, I feel like we should do something
Me: yeah, same here
K: What do you want to do?
Me: I don't know, its a little late now.
K: We could go to see the ball drop
Me: It's cold and I'm sick.
K: We could go to one of those hotel parties
Me: But its pricey and everyone's drunk. See a movie?
K: Nothing on that I want to see.
Me: Hmm.
K: Hmm.

As we sat and recounted our year over spaghetti and salad, I reflected on 2008 and how quickly it passed as I now face an uncertain future. I took a bite and looked up to see the pink glow of a lamp in the distance, and heard the low rumble of the dishwasher nearby. I glanced around and it hit me: that here in this home, in these PJs with this person sitting across from me is perhaps one of the best places to be tonight.

A blog reader e-mailed sometime back saying that they thought I had a rather charmed life. I know I'm blessed but my secret is not that my life is perfect, in truth it is no more perfect or more beautiful than the next person. The difference, if any, is that I choose to focus on the good in my life and I appreciate it deeply. I may not always succeed in a rosy outlook, but I am always trying to continue to grow and remember the blessings that God has placed in my life. Sometimes its as easy as floating up on a hot air balloon, other times its a struggle much like hiking upstream in skis. Still, I keep trying, and in trying I find beauty in the ordinary, what is often considered mundane. Beauty exists in every breath one takes, and the more you seek it out the more your heart opens to see it. I've found the more you try, the stronger you grow, and the easier it gets to realize and recognize the simple miracles and immeasurable beauty in your life.

Happy New Years. May your 2009 be filled with focusing on the good in your life, and trying to learn from the bad. May it bring you happiness and may it bring you peace.


Suroor said...

Happy New Year to one of the smartest people I know! And to her family as well!

Chorna said...

Happy New Years. :) This morning, when I sat at my laptop and read your post in my RSS reader, I felt comforted. I'll write up my post today and hopefully, you'll know why. :)

Many kind wishes to you and your family - prosperity and love for 2009!

Aisha said...

Suroor, happy new years to you too!
Chorna, I look forward to reading it, and I'm glad it comforted you. :)

rickshawdiaries said...

Happy new year jaan!

Baz and I spend each new year at home over a home-cooked meal and then snuggle up and watch a film before falling asleep well before midnight.

An utterly blissful way to ring in the new year! :)

Sounds like you & K have realized that too!

Anaa said...

on ur blog after a long long time......
Happy New years ....

Aisha said...

Anaa happy new years

Baraka, great minds think alike huh? :)

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