Friday, December 19, 2008

Top Five Side Effects of Being a Writer

Eavesdropping, a little. I don't actually teeter my chair over to my coffee shop neighbor or buy pricey spy equipment, but if I'm walking down the hall and a girl is having a loud conversation with another on the drama of her relationship, I find myself listening, and finishing off the story long after they are gone. It's as though my mind sees a story in everything, a muse in every face.

Narrating at random. Standing in line at the grocery store I find myself observing the scene in a novel-like format. "The cashier frowned, then blushed as she handed the credit card back to the customer. 'I'm sorry m'aam' she said, 'your card has been declined.' The elderly woman pushed her glasses up and stared at the cashier in shock, 'how can it be? My son was supposed to pay it online last night.'" (And on and on...) It makes it easier to pass the time for sure.

Feeling envy towards the likes of Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus because they have the right connections to get published for books of drivel they likely never wrote but had enough hype to support.

Reading like a fish. I finished my 50 books goal for 2008! I read books in a different light now, enjoying the prose and the play on words more now that I too am preoccupied with similar goals. Reading good work helps me write better, reading bad work helps inspire me that between the good and the bad surely there is room for me.

Drinking copious amounts of chai. Parts of my novel are set in Pakistan so I tell myself this is to set my mental mood, but let's face it, I will look for any and every excuse to cozy up to a cup of tea.


Anonymous said...


I was searching for something on google and found ur site. You are a good writer and I have enjoyinged reading ur site. Besides all my name is aisha as well:)

best reagards

Shawna said...

I love this post! I'm the same way, down to the chai--except for me I surround myself with Lebanon paraphanalia and sometimes just stand at the side of a busy road in summer where the tires grind against asphalt and someone was recently smoking a cigarette. The combination of smells is intoxicating. It's the only time I can tolerate smokers . . . Makes me miss writing Fiction in a big way. Maybe I'll have some time while I'm at my in-laws doing the Christmas thing.

:) Thanks for a great post and happy writing!

Aisha said...

Aisha, welcome and thanks for dropping by a comment, :)

Shawna, what a beautiful description of the cigarettes and asphalt, I bet you wrote beautiful fiction just from the small excerpt of exposition you left in the comments!

Zehra said...

This is completely off topic, Aisha, but I recently had a facial and the esthetician recommended that i avoid drinking so much chai since chai and coffee dehydrate your skin. :) It's hard for me to stay away from it, though, since I am addicted to good, steeped chai.

Tee said...

So true! (Except the chai for me. I make it on occasion but I have actually gotten into a pretty good water habit since dropping the Crystal Light.)

Love the second one especially. Makes you feel mental, doesn't it? LOL.

Chorna said...

Like minds. :)

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