Monday, January 05, 2009

Ten tips on how to read more

I just decided to do the 100 book challenge and am as excited as a kitty with a ball of yarn! As always I'll post my reviews on my book review site. Someone recently asked me how I managed to read 50 books this past year so I'm sharing some of my strategies and some things I plan to do this year to reach my goal. If you have other tips, please share!

1. Have a book on hand at all times. Mine is in my purse. I whip it out when waiting for a friend, or even in a long line at the register.
3. Read for 15-30 minutes before bed, sometimes it ends up being a bit longer!
4. Watch less TV. I'd rather read words in a book than passively view television, cutting down on TV consumption has upped how many books I read drastically.
5. CD Books. I have a long commute so it helps the time go by. You could also put this on the house stereo when cleaning up or cooking.
6. Mix it up. If I read three heavy classics I need a break, but if I mix it up with a light read I find the motivation to keep going.
7. Get your books via e-mail. Tee introduced me to dailylit where you can get daily portions of a book e-mailed to you. This is a great way to get 15 mins of reading on your break, or when you'd be surfing the web anyways.
8. Learn how to read faster. I'm a fast reader. If you read slower, some tips that I heard work are putting a card under the words you read, and don't read with your lips moving, it slows you down.
9. 50 page rule. If I read in 50 pages and still don't like the book, I stop. I know many people who will sit with a book for months because they want to finish what they started, but this ends up delaying the consumption of books you might love! I say, cut your losses early and move on, if you can't get into it, stop reading!
10. Go to the library! I read so much more now that I go to the library, buying books is costly and makes you very careful what you choose to read. With going to the library you increase the amounts of books you can bring home plus you read things you may otherwise not have.


misspecs said...

I like the 50-page rule!

Abdel Shakur said...

I'm definitely feeling the 50 page rule. You're better than me. Usually if I don't get into a book in the first ten pages than I know we can probably never be friends.

Zeens said...

nice tips! I'm actively making an effort to read more too. :)

Aisha said...

misspecs, glad to be of help :)

Abdel Shakur, you know 50 pages is my maximum. Sometimes I can read 20 pages in and know that this book just won't work for me, so it depends.

Zeens, 100 books perhaps? Or 50 to start with? :)

mystic said...

I look at yr book review page and decide to order 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' as my next book

Aisha said...

Mystic, its an interesting book, very short and odd but I think there are hidden depths to be uncovered on re-reads. Right now I'm reading a book called "Persepolis" which is a graphic novel (pictures in comic book style) so far I am loving it, its a non fiction account of the life of a young Iranian girl during the revolution. Fascinating read!

Maleeha said...

i'm loving the 50 page rule too! i'm one of those people that hates abandoning books, but you're right - it keeps you from other books.

Tee said...

Great tips! I'm so laughing about the "don't read with your lips moving" ... If I saw someone doing this I don't think I'd be able to contain myself. For some reason the mental image of that reminds me of the character Napoleon Dynamite.

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