Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The March 109 in 2009 Update

I was a bit surprised by how few of my 109 in 2009 I accomplished this month, still, something is better than nothing I suppose! However, I am pleased to announce that one of my favorite goals, reading 100 books in 2009, is coming along well, so far I've read about 31 books though not all have been updated on the site yet. I'm running out of books in my queue, if you have any books to suggest please share I've been enjoying reading many of your recommendations!

#38. Update my resume. Well it's done and I'm glad it is, one should always have their resume updated particularly in these times, however I do want it to look better. I've heard of professional resume services but don't know of any in particular, if you have one that you can recommend please share!

#51. Eat a mango. What a pleasurable goal to fulfill! Mango shakes, lassi, ice cream, and just plain chopped up eating the seed messy with your bare hands, all delicious. In Brazil I became known as the mango girl due to my insistence on eating mango at every conceivable opportunity. Once, walking down a street in Rio De Janeiro after dinner with a group of friends we passed an old man with a long graying beard wearing tattered clothes sitting on a street corner. As we walked past him he stared intensely at me and slowly stood up pointing a finger in my direction and bellowed "Mangoooooo." I have no idea why or how he knew, perhaps the scent permeated through my skin, but it was a memorable moment on a memorable trip.

#90. Try Masala Dosa. A new Indian veggie place opened up near my house and I had to finally try this exotic delicacy. [If you're South Indian you're probably laughing at my describing it as exotic, it might be as exotic as a bowl of cereal for all I know]. I got a spicy one with potatoes and it was yummy.


toshspice said...

I llloooovvveeee mango lassies.

raniyas said...

I'd recommend the book "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand, if you haven't already read.

Aisha said...

amen Toshspice :)

Raniya, I read that years ago in high school, it was an interesting read.

mystic-soul said...

I just had craving for Masal Dossa today and went to Indian place. It was sooooooooooooo good..

Now I am reading your blog and smiling

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