Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random thought of the day

Its good I was born a girl because I really don't enjoy sports and as a boy I would feel ostracized from other boys since I could not chime in with stats and the progress of my fantasy football team and would prefer instead marathons of America's Next Top Model. Sure I wouldn't feel the urge to get my nails painted since even as a girl I do this more for gender role reasons as opposed to true joy at the sight of painted nails, but still I can imagine that a boy like me would get beat up quite a lot at the playground growing up. Granted, as a boy its entirely likely I would be environmentally and/or genetically preconditioned to enjoy sports, but the thought of that makes me very very sad.


sadeya said...

I know it would be horrible to be a boy and have to enjoy sports and football, if you really don't. I think its a bonding thing for people though - sports and beer. Thankfully people in DC talk about a whole lot of things.

sadeya said...
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mystic said...

It may be other way round. Because you haave xx chromosome, you are lessinclined to macho things??????????/

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