Monday, June 22, 2009

Overhead at the Coffee Shop

I'm sitting at a coffee shop catching up on some work. There is a well dressed man in his late forties sitting at the table across from me nursing a coffee and typing away on his computer [I'll name him Jack]. A few minutes ago one of his friends walks in, orders coffee and sits across from him. [Bill].

B: So whatcha up to these days?
J: Sending out resumes and looking at paint colors to fix up the house.
B: You moving?
J: Trying to avoid getting kicked out is more like it.
B: Resumes though? I heard you got a job.
J: I did but its part-time, I need a 40 hour a week gig.
B: Whatcha doin now? Still in real estate?
J: No, at the moment I'm working in the area of culinary logistics.
B: Culinary logistics, what's that?
J: I deliver pizzas for Dominoes.
B: Ah, that MBA coming in handy eh?

I see Jack and I see the hundreds of thousands of others like him. If they stood side by side they'd spill into the parking lot, down the street, curving around the block. So many people, yet each suffering unique pain. I have felt the sting of unemployment and know how deeply it can embed into your pscyhe, taking with it your sense of identity. I shake my head and return to work but his pain has left a tinge on my own heart. I hope he will be okay. I hope we as a country will overcome this crisis.


Margarita said...

Aww, that's sad. I hope things get better for everybody.

misspecs said...

Well here's to hoping the market out there gets better... specially for us new grads! EVERYONE wants 'experience' which is all :-O Like gimme a job people, I'll get the 'experience' but there's nothing to be had!

LOL@ Culinary Logistics. I do like the upbeat attitude. MBAs can, if nothing else, find a good way to put things. :-)

Me said...

"So many people, yet each suffering unique pain." Very true.

I came acros your blog and share similiar sentiments about many of the things you've written about.

mystic said...


I hope this tough times will pass soon...economy looks like turning around..I guess

mezba said...

really sad what's going on. In Canada the oil sector and commodities is pretty hard hit. I hope we get out of the rut soon.

Although when I think of everyone urging everyone to buy and get the economy going, I can't help but think - there has to be another way!

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