Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three Beautiful Things Thursday

1. Journaling. What's the obvious gift for an aspiring writer? For my last birthday, family and friends agreed the answer was a leatherbound journal. I used to regard such journals with reverance and awe, afraid to touch them and spoil their pristineness but now, with a stack of beautiful journals I find myself writing in them more and more. I love using them in a stream of consciousness way. I keep it in my purse and I write when the mood strikes, sometimes a grocery list, sometimes a poem and drawing, snippets for a future story, and other times lengthy thoughts on my day. I highly recommend pen to paper journaling because there's something different about putting your thoughts down like this as opposed to on a computer screen.
2. Throw Pillows. I just filled the last of my floor cushions. We got the covers from Pakistan and I have them in my family room. They are perfect to grab and toss to lie on while reading a book or lean on when you sit around chilling with friends.
3. Random beautiful January days. January is supposed to be cold, bleak and gray. Just a few days ago I looked out to drizzly rain and fog, but today the skies parted and it was amazing to feel spring-like breezes after months of cardigans, blankets and socks.


mystic said...

what is your thought on ebook readers like kindle?

sadeya said...

This is a little off-topic but I encourage readers to make calls to their reps and Senators to support the Middle Class agenda (e.g. jobs creation) and Healthcare reform laid out in the State of the Union address.

amitaf said...

I LOOOOOOOVE throw pillows. We bought two from Bangladesh - the kind that is soft yet firm and you can curl into for a nap. Perfect for lounging.. it replaces the guest mattress we used to sit on before :)

sadeya said...

I really love those leather journals - good observation on that. I love the solitude of writing.

Anonymous said...

very off-topic but... do you understand urdu? I need someone to help me translate a part of song in urdu i found on youtube.

Wishing 4 One said...

Hey Aisha. Found you from a comment you left on someone elses blog. I am going to check out your movie reviews too, cause we're movie freaks like that. I love the leather bound journal idea, awesome. Throw pillows OMG they are awesome!

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