Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am so happy for dearest Baraka who just gave birth to her beautiful baby boy! Alhamdullilah! She is such an amazing person and I'm so lucky to call her my dear friend. I know many people who read my blog also read hers so wanted to share the news in case you hadn't heard! When you're pregnant it feels like you're gestating forever, so happy for her and excited for my own light at the end of the tunnel. Please keep us both in your prayers!


Zehra said...

Congratulations on your own upcoming light at the end of the tunnel! :)

Rozeena said...

Definitely in my prayers!!

mystic said...

hmmmmm!! God bless you!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Congrats, Aisha!! You're def in for a ride :) How much longer left?

Again, bohat, bohat mubarak!!


sadeya said...

Aisha, when my brother and sister had children it was like a miracle.

I'm sure you can share things with your other freinds who had kids, because now so many have...I think other people have the mentality that its about flaunting success and having a horse race. I don't begrudge it but want my freindships left alone from interference.

Anonymous: You mean like the ride of Paul Revere or something civil and humane? Who the hell are you and why do people like you wreck all my freindships? Go away.

Well, going to pick up the socks in my room now. haha.

sadeya said...

Sorry for my incivility: I meant go the hell away.

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