Monday, July 12, 2010

How To Travel With A Newborn

1) Bring copious amounts of pacifiers. Seriously, stock up. Never know where they'll spit it out and you'd hate to be without it when they most need it.
2) Nursing covers at least two
3) Or bottles, maybe twelve, for take off and landing
4) Board books incase child needs distraction of the visual sort
5) And rattles if that fails to interest
6) Parenting books dog eared to "traveling with newborns"

Watch as people request seats not next to you. Feel hurt that they find you so unlikeable. Realize its because you are with a baby who holds within him the potential to reach untold decibels in a closed space. Settle down nervously waiting to discover said baby's lung capacity and then proceed to watch as he sleeps the entire duration of the flight take off to touch down and all the way home.

He makes it look so easy but I'm convinced that when ultra-prepared for worst-case scenarios Murphy's Law works in reverse.


The Muslim Wife's Kitchen said...

Aw, Little Man went on his first plane ride? How exciting! You know, traveling with newborns/infants is SO much easier than when they're toddlers. Take as many trips as you can now and enjoy the bliss of him knocking out for the ride!

Anonymous said...

you are traveling with a newborn? wow. but hey you forgot to mention diapers, extra clothes, and napkins.

cindy said...

My favorite time of life was when my first child was in his first year. I'm happy for you.

pilgrimchick said...

I sympathize--it's great that it worked out so very well.

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