Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Traveling: Pre and Post Baby

K had a business trip to Colorado and since we heard it was pretty there, baby and I decided (well I decided since said baby currently speaks exclusively in incoherent babble) to tag along too, stay the weekend and make a vacation out of it. It was our first vacation post-bebe and it was interesting to see how things change once a little one arrives.

Pre-baby flight: Eat in-flight snack. Nap. Write. Stare out window. Play sudoku.
Post-baby flight: Feed baby. Get baby to nap. Get baby to stare out window. Watch baby eat sudoku.

Pre-baby time zone change: It feels like 9pm but its only 7pm. The day is suddenly longer! YAY.
Post-baby time zone change: Baby thinks its 9pm when its really 7pm. OMG MUST SLEEP NOW NOW NOW. Our day? Suddenly shorter.

Pre-baby hotel sleep: Fluffy pillows. AC low. Hello: sleep as long as I like.
Post-baby hotel sleep: Baby wakes up every hour on the hour stares at unfamiliar surroundings and screams (in not so many words):  GAH! NOT MY CRIB! COLD. HOLD ME RIGHT NOW SERIOUSLY FOR REAL!

Pre-baby drive through mountains: Drive until the gas tank shows E while snapping pictures, and stopping along the way to smell flowers and walk through quaint mountain towns surrounded by imposing monuments to God every where you turn.
Post-baby drive through mountains: Mountains? What mountains? Too busy sitting in backseat shaking rattle while singing various Barney songs at high volume to keep baby calm to notice.

Pre-baby late night hangout: Wander through town holding hands under the starry skies, dropping by at a cafe to get coffee and dessert and go over our day.
Post-baby late night hangout: Keep the car running while the other dashes into Target to grab a pint of Ben & Jerry's to eat at the hotel with the lights dim while watching a corny movie on HBO on low volume at the late hour of 7pm.

Pre-baby return home: It was such fun but now back to routine. Bummer.
Post-baby return home: It was such fun but now back to routine! YAY!

And the reason you won't see me complaining:

Yep- that smile makes it all worth it. A million times over.


Anonymous said...

cutie! This made me lol!!!

E said...

Aww, he is a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

Shoooo shweet. MashaAllah.

kmina said...

So very cute! The post.
The babe? Well, he's just AWESOME. And I can't believe how much he's grown... It's unfair how fast they grow up.
This time of firsts is magical though, right?

sprogblogger said...

I was laughing so hard I woke the baby. Worth it! And - oh MY! - W is growing up, and growing gorgeous!

Aisha said...

E, A, thanks :))

Kmina- they do grow up so fast! Your little guy is precious too! And yes its completely magical to see them see the world for the first time. Gives me butterflies.

Susan- LOL Thanks :))) Wow you are reading blogs!?! I'm honored you had time to comment on mine :) Thinking of ya!!!!!

Aisha Wakeel said...

sweet mum .. love ur post :>

Amnah said...

Reminds me of every time we leave town with our little ones. Cute post.

katery said...

yea! i'm glad it went well. we are on vacation in scotland minus louise right now, it's crazy bein away from her for so long, i'd never even spent a night away fromher.

Aisha said...

Aisha, welcome to the blog and thanks for the comment :)
Amna, welcome to the blog and glad to hear you can relate, lol :)
Katery, I KNOW, I read on your blog you're in Scotland! AWESome! You'll have to share how it is to travel sans bebe post having bebe.

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