Sunday, November 14, 2010

When friendly customer service goes wrong.

I love Publix. I love that you don't have to hunt people down to get help. They come to you and ask you what they can help you with. I love that they take returns without griping, season my steaks and grind my meat, and give me one cupcake a month despite having to break up a pack of 6 to do so.  I know many of them by name, and they know me too. Its a nice feeling. That being said, you can take this a bit too far which I was reminded of today when I stood behind a lady, lets call her Brenda, at the checkout line while her things were clicked through the conveyor belt by the Indian check out guy, let's call him Bobullah [or 'Bob' for short].

Bob: Would you like to donate $1 to Make a Wish foundation?
Brenda: Not today. I donated last time. I'm here all the time. Laugh.
Bob: Yes that's true, you do come often.
Brenda: Haha, yes, I was here just yesterday to get some-
Bob: Papaya.
Brenda: Um, yes- I needed it for a fruit-
Bob: Salad? The day before you had picked up a lot of fruit. I wondered what it could be for but then I saw the papaya and now it makes sense.
Brenda: Oh, you noticed, wow I must come here a lot!
Bob: Oh yes, you came last week, I think you drove the blue car right?
Brenda: . . . .um, yes
Bob: Yes, you started at the bread though you normally begin with produce. And the day after that I guess you wanted something sweet- lots of sweet sweet things, you have a sweet tooth don't you? haha
Brenda: *crickets*
Bob: By the way, where is your little boy? I haven't seen him in a few weeks.

And on and on it went with Brenda going from a smiling cheerful customer, to one who will likely be monitoring the perimeter of her house and asking for some police surveillance. Knowing your customers is great- but as Bobullah so helpfully demonstrated, you can go too far.


muslimah93 said...

Okay, that is just tooo awkward and freakyy! I don't think Brenda is gonna be coming so often anymoreee. =P

Aisha said...

LOL I doubt it Muslimah :) He cracks me up because he has NO clue that he freaks people out (he does this quite a bit!)

Tracy said...

LOL! Poor guy. He just cares about his customers... A LOT. ;)

Anonymous said...


muslimah93 said...

I just read this AGAIN; this time to my mommm, and kept on cracking up in between sentences! This is toooo funnyyyy!!! =D

iamstacey said...

That poor guy works WAY too many hours! I was so glad to see all the new pics. The tree is beautiful! And Waleed is more adorable than ever!! :)

Aisha said...

Muslimah- LOL glad it entertained you :) And thanks so much for sharing!!!

Stacey- ROFL now THAT is a very good point. Thanks for your kind words about my baby boy :)

katery said...

that is a little much! my first job was as a cashier in a grocery store, it was sooooooo boring, i can see how he might start watching people for entertainment purposes :)

Aisha said...

Katery, LOL that's true. I used to work sales in many a dept store and retail establishment and yes you can get bored and notice the oddest things, though I think you and I knew better to keep the observations to ourselves unlike this poor guy, lol.

muslimah93 said...

I read this post ONCE AGAIN, and both me and my mom were laughing soo harddd! I should add this to my favorites or something so whenever i need a laugh, i just click these Bob the cashier posts! Haha. =P Btwww, i forgot to askkk, did Brenda ever answer the question of where is her son? Did the conversation continue even more? I'm intrigued!! =P

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