Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life in Pictures**

Countless women broke glass ceilings and gender divides to give me the right to get a law degree, to work, and also, now, the choice to stay at home with my son, mop my floors, and watch him grow up.
Part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days is to do the 365 project. A picture a day to document your life and improve your photography skills along the way. I'm starting now though I "officially" begin in January. I'm already loving it. It helps me see the world through different eyes and make me appreciate the small things more than ever. I post my pics on a different site, if you want the link, just leave a comment or send an e-mail and I'll happily share it. Right now I'm debating merging the picture blog and just posting my 365 project here or keeping it in a separate place. While I debate it [if you have thoughts please share!] I thought I'd share today's picture.

**Updated to say that I decided to add a link to this pic-a-day blog, its on the right hand side, so if you're interested feel free to add it to your reader!


Aamina said...

Me too! I wanna do it too! :)

P.S.- you need to cross off a couple things on your list :)

Aisha said...

Do it? I thought you were doing it? No? Haha yes I need to update that!

sprogblogger said...

Oh wow - what a wonderful idea! I'd like to do this, too - I may merge it with my days of grace posts.

And on that note - Yes! I want your link! But I also think there's something very powerful about putting personal daily meditations, whether they be in words, or pictures, out there for your readers. I vote for "merge the 365 project with this blog!" (But I'd really like to follow along either way!)

Aamina said...

Remember I said I wanna formally start Jan first! I'm gonna practice right now :D

bongi said...

hiya aisha, id love your link as well please!

Anonymous said...

merge them!

Aisha said...

Susan, Anon- I'm leaning towards merging it here, or at least adding another page to do that- that way people can click over to see it easily. Or doing a weekly picture roundup every Friday or Sunday with the pictures from the week. Hmm. Food for thought!

Bongi- if I keep it up elsewhere I will def send you an e-mail :)

Aamina- okay practice now!

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