Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A poem to remember you by

Just a few months ago I opened a 
and I saw 
these clothes:

Blue striped top and 
brown monkey footed pants. 

I put them on you and 
we laughed,
and laughed, 
and laughed. 

They were so big. 
The pant elastic hugging your underarms, 
the shirt 
large and droopy 
on your tiny frame. 

Today I took this same outfit out of the laundry 
for the last time,
and folded it 
one final time, 
because now 
its too small.

While a part of me gets choked up
at the fact that you're growing
leaving your babyhood behind

I can't forget the mothers
empty cribs
and hearts
who would give
their life
for a drawer of clothes worn
just once

So today I feel thankful
for swollen feet
growing much too big
and footed monkey pants
that no longer fit.


rozeena said...

so sweet! I read somewhere recently about a mother who keeps an outfit from each of her child's transitions. From newborn to 3 months...3 to 6..etc. At her 4 or 5 year birthday, she had a laundry line of the clothes marking the changes of how she grew.

Anonymous said...

Remembering with you

Aisha said...

Rozeena- that's not a bad idea! Thanks :)

Anon- thank you, that means a lot.

iamstacey said...

I can't wait to feel this way! :) So sweet.

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