Thursday, November 04, 2010

Three beautiful things Thursday: Free-ish Baby Stuff Edition

I know some of you are new mamas or mamas to be so I thought I'd share my take on baby stuff from time-to-time in the hopes that its of use to you. If it is, lemme know and I'll try to make it a regular thing. Today I'm sharing three beautiful 'baby' things that have made my life and my wallet, fuller.

Gift Bags. There's nothing more beautiful than lying next to my son while he saves me from the very evil gift bag which he must first intimidate with shrieks and gurgles followed by total destruction with his hands, feet, and mouth. Its a full-body experience and he will not rest until he has thoroughly defeated it.  Should a gift-bag uprising ever occur- its good to know Waleed's got me covered. Seriously though, we have a ball that sings and flashes and rolls, squeaky toys, and rattles- but nothing is quite as alluring as the gift-bag [and my shoes, a topic for another day]

Soft Blanket. It used to be that we put him on the ground for tummy-time and while he was happy to oblige in the mornings, as the day wore on, he simply couldn't stand being on the floor. Hence baby carriers. Lots and lots of baby carriers. Until the blanket. Its actually an unzipped sleeping bag that we happened to lay on the floor one day while the throw we usually spread on the floor was in the wash- and voila, magic. Now, thanks to a softer, thicker place to practice acrobatics, his favorite place to be is rolling, crawling, trying to sit, on the blanket. Unless he needs to eat or is tired, he can spend nearly all day playing with his toys gift-bags on the blanket without a care in the world. Too bad for him I heart holding him, and he's sweet enough to oblige me when I do.

A balloon. Yes, one single, helium balloon. I've already discussed it here- but there are few things that bring such a wide-eyed curious grin on his face than a dollar store balloon [or free at customer service if you shop at Publix!]. I love how he reminds me, in his joy at a gift-bag, a soft blanket, or a balloon that true happiness lies in the little things- that life is meant to be lived in the moment- and that the best things in life are free . . . ish.


cindy said...

I see you're following through on posting every day;-) Well done!

Anisa said...

So sweet. These posts will be a treasure to him one day.

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