Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dressing baby [and self]

Waleed: onesie + socks + footed pajama + jeans + sweater + parka + cap + wool hat Aisha: Pushing stroller to store and think its cold to look down and realize am in flip flops, t-shirt, and jeans.

Life Lesson: Don't get so distracted making sure baby is warm that you walk out in snow inspiring weather in. . . flip flops.

How do you keep your baby [and self] protected from the elements come wintertime? Methinks I overdo it a little bit. Just don't know how a stuffed up baby nurses, and doing my best not to find out!


katery said...

it's hard to dress a baby for the cold, it's not like they can tell you if they're not warm enough!! i just got louise a pair of boots the other day so she can walk outside, it's her first pair of shoes that aren't soft-soled though, so we have to practice walking in them a few more times before we try and walk outside!!

Aisha said...

Its so complicated Kate! Because then the car is warm- and the store/etc are warm- so then they begin overheating- but taking on and off all those layers is exhausting!!

Aw boots!!! so cute :-) I hope you post pics!

E said...

Try covering him in a blanket of sorts so it is easy to take off.

Rozeena said...

I love the bundle me for their car seats. It's so warm and fuzzy inside, plus you can zip it up around them. Great stuff, as I dress them in barely a layer.

How did Waleed move in all that??

Aisha said...

E, I might need to do that.
Rozeena, that's a good idea, do they make them for kids as big as W though? I thought they were only for newborns. And yeah- W could not move AT ALL in that, LOL- it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen- he looked shell shocked. :)

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