Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Language Barrier?

A conversation in Punjabi:
Uncle: Ik gull buthaa. Tinnoo Punjabi sumaj oondee ain?
Me: Ji- buchpun thoo bole di ah. Sari sumaj oondee ain
Uncle: Acha?! Bole vi sakdi ain?
Me: Um. . . ji. . . bole vi sakdi
Uncle: Huh. Minnoo Nain patha see

Translation from Punjabi:
Uncle: Tell me something. Do you understand Punjabi?
Me: Yes I've spoken it since childhood, I understand pretty much everything.
Uncle: Really?! So you can speak it too?
Me: Um. . .  yes. . . I can speak it too.
Uncle: Huh. Who knew?

Indeed. The conversation has left me scratching my head for days. Its not just me [is it]?


rehtwo said...

hahahaha that's hilarious!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LOL, that is hilarious! I just think people don't think sometimes! I get asked "oh, you're married to a Trini, do you know about curry and roti?" I just want to tell them no, never heard of it.... Pixie

kmina said...

This is a classic 'here's your sign' joke. ;-)

Aisha said...

Glad you guys think its funny- because I was wondering if I was missing soething in the exchange, lol. Kmina, I never heard the 'here's your sign' joke!

Tauqeer said...

lol, tay tussi punjabi vi bol lenday ho! good:P

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