Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Beautiful Things Thursday

We can go for years without snow but the sheer mention of flurries sends this city into chaos. I mean no milk in the metro-Atlanta area because everyone ran out and bought ten gallons apiece type of chaos. When weatherfolks began calling the Sunday night storm the 'storm of the century' I rolled my eyes. We'd get a few flurries, if that, I figured. As it turns out, it was quite the storm and we've been unable to leave our neighborhood since Sunday night. Luckily, K's job has been closed for a record three days and while we ran out of a few essentials we learned we can do without them if we must and that we had enough to last us through the weekend through creativity and the wonders of frozen vegetables. I now feel more sympathy for the folks who raided the grocery stores- they feared a situation much like we were in and I am so grateful we didn't lose electricity. Being homebound with a husband to help with the baby helped me organize, clean, and get some writing done [and I blogged every day it seems!] but best of all? K woke up early to watch the baby allowing me precious extra hours of sleep each morning. Doesn't get more beautiful than that.
Photo courtesy of my friend Yen. If you don't read her blog, you should!
My SLR camera broke while in DC for my cousin's wedding. Luckily I sent it out to Adorama right before the storm. They received it Monday and told me Tuesday they've replaced it and the new one is on its way! [As soon as the UPS guy can make it up our hill]. If you're looking for a good online camera retailer they are quick, efficient and have good customer service. Still, the camera couldn't have broken at a worse time. I'm thankful we brought our point-and-shoot despite the fact that I look like a body-double for Casper The Friendly Ghost in most pictures. [Speaking of which, the previous post with a picture was my cousin and Waleed. The one below is me and a very tired baby who just moments after this picture was taken slept the entire night away tucked away in his Ergo]. Not having my camera reminded me how much I rely on it to help me remember the moments in my son's life. I need to focus less on trying to capture each moment and more on remembering them in my mind's eye. Its okay if I couldn't take a picture of the way his curly hair stuck straight up making him look like a brown baby Pebbles today- I've written it down and will no doubt remember it always. [And my 365 project will resume once the camera is back- the point-n-shoot just wasn't cutting it]
Aisha, the friendly ghost.
Speaking of Waleed, he's finally feeling better. I used to represent children with chronic and terminal illnesses and the pain of both the child and the parents? No words. My son simply had a virus and it exhausted me in ways I have never been exhausted before. But it was just a virus. It ran its course. And he is better now. He is smiling, laughing, and crawling like nothing happened. My respect is ten-fold for the strength of my client's parents. As cliche as it may be, no matter how rough my days might be. His health? There's nothing more fragile or more beautiful than that.
Practicing Precociousness.


Jamila said...

I'm glad to hear Waleed is feeling better!

raisingbrainchild said...

So glad that he is feeling better! Depsite the hassle and the fact that you may have to subsist on frozen vegetables, there is something fun about all being snowed in together, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Great post! :-D

E said...

Wow, a picture of you!! It's so awesome to put a face to the words. You two are beautiful.

Glad he is feeling better.

sprogblogger said...

So glad he's feeling better - and while your cousin is beautiful - especially all dressed up in her finery, you - even washed out in the weird flashiness that is a P&S camera on indoor flash - are radiant. That's a great shot of both of you!

Aisha said...

Thanks Jamila :)

Raising, yes- its a little magical to be snowed in despite the minor discomforts! :)

Anon- thanks :)

E, thanks! I felt the same way when you posted your picture- figured it was time :)

Susan, aw thanks! you are kind :) said...

Sweet photo of you two and glad he's all better now.

Wow, you guys did get a lot of snow. I think you have more on the ground than we do up here right now.

I'm glad that you found a way to enjoy being snowed in :) Running out of fresh vegetables is a fair trade for sleeping in, I think.

Aisha said...

Latina, thanks :) I actually now have a newfound respect for frozen vegetables- they ROCK! Already chopped- no worries about them going bad, etc! :)

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