Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Beautiful Things Thursday

One. We're getting our chimney swept and I admit that despite the many websites I browsed I picked this dude because anyone who poses like this for their company has simply earned my business. This man clearly takes chimney sweeping seriously. I'm excited because getting your chimney swept feels so very British and I'm secretly hoping he'll do a little jig while singing chim-chimney-chim-chimney-chim-chim-churree a sweeper's as lucky as lucky can be. If he jumps from roof-to-roof I'm not sure how I'll contain my excitement. [Yes- my parents let me watch Mary Poppins one time too many]
'this dude'
Two. I'm cooking lots of Asian-inspired dishes lately, like this tasty Teriyaki chicken [just add lemon juice] so when I saw a deal for soy sauce in tanks so large no one save a mega-popular Asian restaurant the likes of PF Changs should be purchasing them, I ofcourse made a mad dash for the nearest Asian superstore. Unfortunately they were sold out so I went to customer service, except that between my sleep-deprived state and the non-English speaking salesclerk, our exchange was. . . unproductive: 

Me: Hi, hoping you can help me out. You're out of soy sauce so I was hoping I could get a green card.
Bobbi: *crickets*
Me: You know, a green card? I saw a sign that you give out green cards.
Bobbi: *crickets*
Me: Wait. Did I say green card? I'm so sorry. . .  I meant rain check. . . not green card. Can I get a rain check?
Bobbi: *crickets*

Fifteen minutes and an English speaker later I left the store with rain check in hand and the knowledge that Bobbi had no idea I was requesting legal status in lieu of soy sauce. [and because I know requests for a green card made by a brown person might raise eyebrows, I am indeed a proud Pakistani-American U.S. citizen thankyouverymuch]
'this teriyaki chicken'
Three. My kid? He slept from 8pm to 5am last night with nary a peep. If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you know I'm currently engaged in an epic struggle for sleep so this is more beautiful than words can capture. The bad news? I kept waiting for him to wake up any minute and consequently got two hours of sleep. Still- he slept. Which means he might sleep tonight. [If you're interested in how this sleep thing happened I'll write a post next week. Still not sure if its luck or parental effort].
'my kid'
So in sum:  Unwitnessed demands for legal status, soy sauce of epic proportions, singing chimney sweeps, and the promise of rest [and fewer sleep-deprived mumblings] to come- do Thursdays get any better? Hope you had a beautiful day.


Aramelle said...

1) I would totally give my business to someone who advertises himself with that picture! And I still have an obsession with Mary Poppins. One of the best movies ever, IMO.

2) That dish looks delish. And I love the idea of you asking the grocery store for a green card. ;)

3) Yay for sleep! We struggled for many, many months but are now finally settling into a full night's sleep. It took a while before I stopped doing the "sitting here awake waiting for him to wake up instead of sleeping like I should be" routine. Eventually, I adapted to actually getting multiple hours of uninterrupted sleep. It is blissful. And yet I find myself missing those late night snuggles...that time for just him and I when the rest of the world was sleeping.

Aramelle said...

Sorry for the double-post...I wanted to let you know that I've given you an award on my blog. :)

'Murgdan' said...

..................................................................................................................waiting on the sleep post. ;-)

And am glad they didn't wisk you away to a back room somewhere to sell you a 'green card'.

E said...

LOL, GREEN CARD!! LMAO! I'm glad they didn't have those in stock ;)

If you like Asian dishes I have the BEST recipe for Schezwaun stir fry...just as good as take out! I would be willing to share it with you :)

Aisha said...

Aramelle, thanks for relating! And thanks for the award! That is so so sweet! :)

Murgdan- well- he didn't do the same magic trick last night, but it was still only 2 wakings- I'm going to give it a few days to see what happens- and then maybe? Just maybe we'll have succeeded? will def write a post if I am confident we have!!

E- yeah- like Murgdan said I could've accidentally opened a whole door I didn't want to- particuliarly since I requested it with such confidence- no hesitation ya know, lol.

Lawyer Loves Lunch said...

If it makes you feel better, I analyze the legal status of people on TV. It's a hazard of the job, I think.

PS: Fingers crossed the solid sleeping pattern continues! :)

raisingbrainchild said...

I'm chuckling over, well, all three.

I'm glad that Waleed is sleeping better, even if you aren't. Somehow Bear managed to sleep the entire night in a crib of puke without waking, so maybe I'll ask her for some sleeping tips for the two of you!

Aisha said...

Azmina, lol- yes I agree- it must be :) And thanks for your fingers crossed- I think I've got my fingers, toes, and my hair in braided pigtails here with hopes of more sleep! lol

Raising, thanks :) oh wow! Yes- do ask bear to elucidate on her sleep tips- inquiring minds would love to know:)

Lucy said...

Would love to hear about sleep--working on it with my little guy too. Hilarious chimney pix.

C said...

Yay for your kid sleeping...I wish mine would do the same! any tips?

Tracy said...

Greencard! LMAO!! ... I'm sure Bobbi thought it was a Freudian slip and that you're terribly worried about INS paperwork. lol

Aisha said...

Lucy and C- thanks and a post on that is coming up shortly :)

Tracy, lol- yeah- she must have been feeling sorry for me, maybe she did understand and later told her family, "oh its so sad, this mom was there- so desperate she was asking me for a greencard- poor thing- they need to do something about immigration reform" lol :)

Banshee said...

LOL - Love the soy story. :) And your chimney sweeper.

And congrats on the little one sleeping!!!!! I've been there tho - where they sleep and you keep waking yourself up because...well, they've not done that before. And you start wondering if something might be wrong but you're not foolish enough to go in there and check and risk ruining this amazing beautiful thing that you really, really hope is NOT a once in a lifetime event. At least, that's how it was for me when Wiggles first started sleeping longer stretches.

As always, I'm interested in other parent's takes on sleep and all things baby related, so please write the post! :)

Jamila said...

lol... this post cracked me up. Congrats on Waleed sleeping through the night. Yay!

Anonymous said...

delurking :)

Aisha said...

Banshee- glad you can relate :) Its such a weird situation to be in, lol. But I can get used to it!

Jamila, thanks :) fingers crossed!

Saba!!! Thanks for the delurk! :) Always nice to hear from ya :)

mystic said...

Just to make you feel better, my son slept only 4 hours last night and he is as agile in class as don't worry at all!

Anonymous said...

:-D too funny!

Aisha said...

Mystic- well its good to know intellectually the sleep deprivation may not affect him- but me? mentally? I need him to sleep!

Anon, thanks for sharing :)

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