Thursday, February 03, 2011

Aisha the. . . mommy blogger?

Recently a few people said they like my 'new blog' to which I said [thank you!] and how is a six year old blog new? To which they said its a mommy blog now which prompted me to look at my recent posts and while I do write about other topics like chai, journaling, and random stuff I do write a lot about motherhood. Am I a mommy blogger?

It's not that being a 'mommy blogger' is a bad thing. Far from it. Most of the blogs on my google reader are blogs written by mothers about motherhood but its interesting to consider it my label since I began this blog writing about teaching at a very dysfunctional school, then the trials and tribulations of law school, and as an attorney, and writing, with all sorts of other topics such as being desi, traveling, current events, book and movie reviews in the rotation as well. I wrote here long before motherhood was even a concept and its possible I will write here long after I've resolved my child-related sleeping woes. [on that note, how long does one blog? Do you have an end-date for yourself?]

Being Waleed's mother is a huge part of my life but its not the only part of my identity and I hope that my writing, as well as the life I live, reflect that. Whether you read me now in the current evolution of this blog or well before motherhood arrived, thank you. How do you see yourself as a blogger? Do you embrace the term 'mommy blogger' or a different term altogether?


sprogblogger said...

The term 'mommy blogger' doesn't bother me, but I don't know that it applies to you - or to me, for that matter. Yeah, what we're writing about RIGHT NOW happens to be mommy-stuff, but that's not the only reason we blog. I think of mommy-bloggers as being the ones who start up a blog to detail their kids/own exploits, mostly for family and friends, and who have nothing to say outside of that, ever.

I'm thinking that a blog that's existed prior to the baby-stage of one's life is just that - a Blog in which one happens to be currently talking about mom/baby stuff. Life will change again, like life does. And then the blog will change, too, but since it's really just about your life, it's all the same blog.

At least that's how I think of mine.

Anonymous said...

You are an individual. Waleed and rest of your family (MashaAllah), books, writing, law school, chai and the rest of good stuff are complements.
And I dont want to gush all over this comment :(
sprogblogger has very aptly delineated her perception of a blog and I am inclined to agree!
All the best!

Aisha said...

Susan- very well said- that's what I as thinking but you articulated it well!

A, thanks for seconding it- just interesting food for thought I guess- if I continue to blog once W is older- than it will be about whatever is going on then.

Lisa said...

If I ever were to become a mommy, my blog still wouldn't be labeled a "mommy blogger" blog simply because my topic is so static. I write about things writer's shouldn't do. I could see myself writing a satirical post about why writer's shouldn't have children but that would be the extent of the mommy blogger-ness.

Since you blog about everything, and Waleed is a big part of that everything, then I can see why you get the label even though as "Anonymous" so aptly put it "the rest of the good stuff are compliments."

I enjoy it either way. :)


Anne R. Allen said...

Mommy, lawyer, writer, and Chai maker. You are, as your award said, a very versatile blogger. Thanks for passing it on to me. I can't claim anywhere near your versatility, but I have given you a mention as I pass it on to three more winners on my blog today.

Anonymous said...

I like reading doesnt matter the label :)

raisingbrainchild said...

I've thought some about the term, and to be honest, I had a lot of blogs on my reader, and most of them are true mommy blogs. This said, your blog seems to have another purpose to me, and while a lot of your writing is about motherhood (which I enjoy reading), I also enjoy reading about the other aspects of your life that make it so interesting...from chimney sweeping to chai making!

In thinking about my own blog, if I were to focus on growing it, I would probably narrow what I write about to fall only within the mommy-blogging world or the writing world or some other world. I'm sure that there is a blog writing manual out there that says that you should focus your content. But, my blog is for me, and I'm going to write about whatever it is that I feel like writing about. After all, the purpose of my blog is that I write. If it is mainly about motherhood, then fantastic, but I am not willing to limit myself to the topic.

Jamila said...

I have to second what Raising wrote. While I know I probably should limit my content on my blog, my blog is for me and my thoughts at the time. I see your blog as being much of the same. :)

Aisha said...

Lisa, funny enough I just read a writing article imploring peple not to have children, lol. Will have to find it!

Anne, thanks for letting me know! :) Love your blog!

Anon- aw thanks :)

Raising, I've read countless times that to gain a huge audience you should have a targeted blog that focuses on a particular topic like motherhood, writing, etc. That being said, I think of my blog more about "noticing the small things in life" blog and that can cover a variety of topics. I'm embracing the fact that motherhood will be what I write about for some to come, but it can neve,r and will never be ONLY about that. Like you said you must blog for yourself first and foremost- for any other reason and you burn out.

Aisha said...

Whoops missed your comment Jamila- thanks for sharing :) Yes- I think you write primarily on motherhood and family but you reserve the right to write about whatever else you'd like :)

thewritemama said...

I'm coming into blogging as a mama, so for now I'm okay being identified as a mommy blogger, but I don't feel at all limited by that for my topics. This is a new side of writing for me, versus working in the corporate world when I have always "plied my trade". I feel like I'm on a journey, and right now I don't know what will be next or how long it will last! But I'm learning as I go, and excited to see what comes next!

Wil Smith said...

I've enjoyed every manifestation of your blog. I find your writing to be eloquent and insightful. Your thoughts on child rearing have brought back many fond memories I have of when my own were young. I find myself anticipating where your next piece will take us. Thanks Again

Aisha said...

Write Mama, thanks for your personal take on it. I enjoy all that ou write :)

Wil Smith! Its like hearing from a long lost friend- glad to know your'e still here and still reading :0 Thank you so much for your kind words!

housewife said...

I have been blogging before my daughter was born and I have no qualms in embracing the fact that I am a mommy blogger as all of us have different shades of life at different time periods.
I am so relived to find your blog as I could not find any desi mom blogger in the blogosphere :)
I love to be a part of your mom blogger and desi blogger directory. I'll email you the details.

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