Monday, April 25, 2011

Bobullah the overly observant check-out dude

I wrote before about a particularly interesting Indian grocer at my local Publix. While I know he's well-meaning- he takes friendliness to the. . . next level so I avoid his check-out line even if he's manning the ten items or less booth and the alternative is waiting with my gallon of milk behind  a lady with a stack of produce tall enough to make a mountain climber feel wistful. Until today- when I happened to be in line as shift change took place and Bobullah [Bob for short] became my check-out dude.

Bob: Make a donation to March of Dimes?
Me: Not today.
Bob. Ha. Ha. Not today, she says.
Me: Excuse me?
Bob: Oh nothing. Where is your son?
Me: With my husband.
Bob: Yes he bought soda, lots of diet soda, last week right?
Me: Um. I guess so.
Bob: There is a new Indian store that's opened up two miles up the road.
Me: That's good.
Bob: I bet you go to Bombay Spices.
Me: Um. Sometimes.
Bob: Go to the other one. My friend owns it. Bombay Spices? They rip you off and I mean you.
Me: What?
Bob: You don't pay attention. I see it. You don't even look at your receipt. That's how Bombay Spices makes its money. I can ring these buns twice and you would not notice.
Me: Crickets.
Bob: I mean. I would not do that. ha. ha. but I could. And you wouldn't know. That will be $21.27

It's not just me right? While he doesn't say anything that is outright 'go-to-your-manager-and-complain'-able it's just a strange conversation to have but what can I say? He notices things too much? Tell him to be less observant? [And now I both want to go Bombay Spices and never step foot in there again.]


Anonymous said...

What is it with Publix and Indian men cashiers? I had one that was the same way in my old neighborhood. He would say some off the wall stuff. I figured it was because I was white.:/ He never said anything weird to DH. Pixie

Aisha said...

I don't get him at all. I think its his attempt at being conversational. I think something is getting lost in translation? lol

Anonymous said...

lol! :D

katery said...

totally weird.

Aramelle @ One Wheeler's World said...

Thanks for the laugh, girlie. I needed it today! :)

Aisha said...

:) Anon

Kate, indeed!

Aramelle, I'm sorry you needed a laugh, but glad you got one :)

awomanmyage said...

Oh, boy, the best thing to do with people like that is go on the offensive - greet him right away and start peppering him with personalquestions. So what are your plans this weekend? Are you married - what kind of girl are you looking for? How do you make lasagna? And keep at it until the transaction is finished.

Aisha said...

Awomanmyage, ohmygosh- I just laughed so hard my stomach hurt. I will TOTALLY do that next time! lol!!! Thanks :)

Bongi said...

Aisha... That is totally creepy, yet funny at the same time

awomanmyage hahahahahaha

C said...

I think it maybe a south Asian thing. Most of us (not me promise) tend to be nosey..:) suggestion is to just ignore him. I do that all the

kmina said...

Get used to it, Aisha, this is what it means to be popular. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with kmina... you're well known and the glass is half full :)

Aisha said...

Bongi, i know right? Hope your'e doing well new mama!

C, lol, you might be right us desis can be a nosy bunch but this is the first time it was a man- women yes, you expect it, men, I was surprised, lol!

Kmina, A, LOL I'm a celebrity at my local Publix, that must be it! Thanks for the giggle :)

mystic said...

lol.....I loved diet soda part..

muslimah93 said...

As soon as i saw this update on my dashboard i was like ohhh this is gonna be so funny, and as i read it and translated to my mommm, i just couldnt stop laughing! Hahahhahaha! Do you think he realizes that he makes his customers feel uncomfortable when he asks all those question or is he oblivious to the fact? =P

awomanmyage said...

One more thing - try to convert him to whatever religion he isn't.

Aisha said...

Mystic, lol :)

Muslimah, LOL you translated this for your mom?!?! That is so awesome, I'm honored!!! I think he thinks he's being friendly which is what makes it even harder because you know he is trying to be conversational but hasn't gotten it.

Awomanmyage, lol- that's hilarious- I should totally do that. He might avoid ME then :) What a thought!

iamstacey said...

can you say, *stalker*?!
no, really, check your receipt from now on. And be sure he never sees your lisence.

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