Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Parenting-ish questions as the clock strikes 'one'

This Saturday my son will be one years old. While I know he'll still be a baby, I find myself cherishing these precious remaining days of official babyhood as though he'll be asking for a car and applying for college come Sunday. I've also realized that with one year comes not all the answers, but instead more questions about the newness of all that is to come [and other random questions that manage to squeeze their way into my stream of consciousness]. I share them here in the hopes that perhaps y'all may have advice. It's been five years since my last random assortment of questions,  any advice [and/or commiseration] much appreciated!

1. While I've expanded my cooking range these past few years, outside of daal and a handful of other desi dishes, I don't know any vegetarian main dishes. Waleed eats way more table food lately [despite the fact that he's still toothless] and I want to learn some vegetarian recipes so he doesn't grow up thinking meat is mandatory in main dishes. I just have no clue where to begin. And as a complete novice I don't feel comfortable engaging in andaza se methodology nor picking a random recipe only to put in the effort to find it doesn't taste too good [which we learned the hard way with tofu. We don't like tofu]. Since I know many of you are avid cooks: What's your favorite vegetarian recipe? Could you share? Pretty please?

2. I am a runner. In my head. In truth I'm a hopelessly horrible runner. I can power-walk 5.0 on the treadmill for five miles, but for some reason, jogging at the exact same pace? I'm out of commission in three minutes. In seventh grade, last in the one-mile run, I asked my PE teacher, how can I improve? To which he responded, maybe you just can't. Since then I've wanted to prove him wrong. But haven't. I heard of the couch to 5K program years ago and I begin it faithfully only to give up. It probably doesn't work anyways, I told myself. Except my friend Yen is now a runner thanks to the program. I need to do this. I need to be able to run a mile without ending it like an exceptionally slow turtle. I need to show Waleed that if you stick with something, no matter how hard, its possible to succeed. And I need to prove my PE teacher wrong. In the spirit of believing in myself I've ordered a jogging stroller and plan to beat this obstacle once and for all. Avid runners, advice? Anyone start like me and now runs, no problem? Have any of you run with a jogging stroller? It seems bulky and tough to navigate hills. Tips, advice, much appreciated!

3. Lately Waleed enjoys smacking me. He thinks its the funniest. thing. ever. After a lunch of smiles and babbles as I lean in to give him a kiss- smack. While it doesn't hurt and I know its just him being silly as I look at my soon-to-be budding toddler I wonder when does disciplining begin? We do tell him not to touch things and he mostly listens but we certainly don't do time-out or any other form of repercussions if he decides not to listen. When did you begin disciplining your child? How did you know your child was old enough to? How did you do it? 

4. I wrote about how difficult it was in the early weeks for me to nurse so I'm shocked at how difficult a task it seems to stop nursing now. While I always planned to wean him at a year, now that its here, I have no clue how to do it. Nursing is how I put him down for naps, for sleep, and how I coax him into staying in bed with me a little while longer when he's up like a perky bunny at 6:45am. He won't take a bottle, and while he'll drink milk from a sippy cup, it doesn't leave him drowsy. How long did you nurse? How did you break the nurse-to-sleep association? and how on earth did you wean?

5. Speaking of first birthdays, I'm getting him a cake, an outfit, and will take an unseemly amount of photos but I wasn't planning to get him an actual gift-wrapped present until I saw this and really want to get it from him [a more affordable version available at Target]. Do you give gifts for your baby's first birthday, perhaps the only birthday of their lives when they are not demanding such things of you? What did you give your child on their first birthday?

6. His upcoming birthday reminds us of the fact that we have only one more year of free baby flights. Pre-baby K and I delighted in this whole 'fly free til two!' concept until we realized that its not so simple to travel with a baby. We've flown at least five times post-baby and each time makes me vow it will be my last. Still, I miss our vacations, we used to take one big one a year, and I'd really like to try it. Now that he'll be older, perhaps it will be more manageable? Is travel with a toddler easier than with a wee baby? Anyone traveled far with a toddler and find it a relaxing and rejuvenating experience as opposed to one that makes home seem like a paradise oasis? Would you recommend it? 


Baraka said...

My sweet baby is almost one, mA!!! I wish we were there to celebrate with you.

1. Check out Heidi at 101 Cookbooks. I, like you (& most Pakis), had no idea what to do with vegetables. She, on the other hand, is a veg goddess. I have her latest cookbook on hold at the library & can't wait to try it.


2. When people talk about running I glaze over. Have never understood why anyone would want to do it, though I am happy to support you by recommending "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running" by Haruki Murakami :)

3. Check out Dr. Sears "Gentle Discipline". Firmly say no and then move on.

4. It's hard at first but you will learn other ways to comfort & put him to sleep. Hang in there! The night feed tends to be hardest so try giving up an afternoon one first. You could also try switching him to milk in a cup for that feed so he is satiated & still getting the 20 oz per day he needs. Take your time with it. better for his mental adjustment, and your physical comfort.

5. We got him a personalized book from FlattenMe. He has so little interest in toys, he just wants to play with things in the kitchen cabinets instead! :)

6. People tell me traveling with a walker is the worst. When we went to Hawaii he wasn't walking but he did want us to hold him & stand pretty much the entire time. But, a friend of mine who travels often with two kids under 4 takes red eyes so they sleep part of the way on long flights. She has gone from Shanghai to Sydney, and also to Europe and Pakistan. We'll be heading to Boston soon so may give that a try.

Can't wait to see pics! Happy first birthday W + and happy mama day sweetie. The day you became a mother is precious & sweet. May you all be blessed with joy & health, always! xo!

Fruitful Fusion said...

Weaning, that's the only question I can tackle! It was hard. I nursed my kids between 6 months and almost 2 years. Like Baraka said, take your time. Additional stress of some sort of "deadline" just makes it all so hard! When I stopped nursing at 6 months, it was due to another pregnancy(!) and I switched her to a bottle. But the others were older and moved on to cups and sippy cups. The sleep issue was a big one because all of my kids fell asleep while nursing. Letting the hubby take over at bedtime was a big help. They knew they weren't getting anything there :) The first few times is hard but it definitely gets easier after that!

Clare said...

First of all I'm so happy I finally found your blog! I missed hearing from you... Sounds like you guys are having a whale of a time enjoying parenthood... i have no advice on any of the questions but I just wanted to stop by and say hi. Ooh and I see you are reading the Poisonwood Bible - I love that book! How are you enjoying it?

Sprogblogger said...

Squash soup:
1/2 - 1 butternut (or other orange-fleshed winter squash), peeled & cubed. If it's a small squash, use the whole thing. If it's giant only use part unless you REALLY love squash or want to make an enormous batch.
1 or 2 big onions, diced.
Garlic - as much as you like. 1-2 cloves if you're timid.
Can of beans - black, pinto, Anasazi, kidney - doesn't matter. Drained.
Frozen corn. A couple cups.
Stick of butter. Yeah. A stick. This ISN'T diet food, but the butter gets spread out over many many many servings. Don't skip it. The soup really needs it.
Stock of some kind - chicken, veggie, beef, etc. I use 'better than bouillon' these days, but have made this with bouillon cubes as well. I think it tastes best with chicken stock, but if you're trying to go totally veg, I made it for years with veggie stock & it's still delish.
Dash of balsamic vinegar to taste.
Salt to taste. I don't tend to like salty food, but this soup definitely needs salt to be tasty. You can use soy sauce, or just plain old table salt, but taste it while you're salting, & you'll notice an amazing difference.
Any spices you happen to like. I've made this with cumin/coriander. Or curry powder. Or Garam masala. Or chile powder. Or you can leave it plain & bright with just a dash of vinegar to season it.
You can also add pretty much any veggies you have around that you'd like to get rid of. I've added mushrooms, apples, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, yams, turnips, parsnips, etc. & never had a bad batch. It's a very forgiving soup as long as you get the big three - squash, beans, corn - in there.

Saute the onions & garlic in the bottom of your BIG soup pot with some of your stick of butter. When they're nice & golden soft, add squash cubes. Add water to cover, and boil. Add the stock, beans, corn, remainder of butter. Boil til you can mash the squash easily with the back of a spoon against the side of the pot. Go through & mash most (or all, if you like) of the squash. Your soup will thicken up like crazy. Now's when you start playing with the taste. Salt first, then decide if you think the soup wants any other flavors. Add a good dollop of balsamic vingear - it'll brighten up the flavors. Then play around. I tend to be a purist, but Sam likes different spices, hence the curry/chile/masala experiments.

I am SO going to keep an eye on the comments you garner for this post, since I could have written all the questions myself, and definitely want to hear other people's answers...

Aisha said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Blogger ate my ten page comment.

I am so annoyed. ARGH.

Fruitful, thanks for your comment and sharing of your wisdom! How long did it take for the kids to adjust to no nursing? Did any of them self-wean? Did you give them a bottle at night before they went to sleep?

Baraka, as always thanks for all this useful information and your well wishes :) I have read that running book [found it at Powells!] and it truly is inspiring. It helped keep me pumped for three weeks at one point, lol. It's committment I struggle with!

Susan, thanks for the recipe!!! Can I try it now while I'm dieting or should I wait?

Clare, I'm so glad you found me! I read yours all the time but silently, this is a good reminder to comment more. So excited for you and your family and can't wait untli you meet Pebbles!!! :)

Yen said...

Happy Birthday, Waleed! I hope you get all the cake you want to eat and some to throw on the floor!

My only advice for running is to slow down. You should be able to speak short sentences and not be out of breath. Don't compare yourself to how fast others are because it's probably taken them some time to work up to their pace. The more you run, the faster you get. I could barely run for one minute before February and now I'm up to 35+ minutes so it's possible. You can prove that gym teacher wrong and I believe that you will.

Aisha said...

Thanks Yen! I went running with a friend on Sunday morning and she was chatting the whole way, and while I was ready to pass out after five minutes, I could manage to say things like, "that's . . . good" and "oh, really?" Is this what you mean? When you now run at 35+ minutes do you want to stop running as you go, or at that point running feels just as simple as walking?

marydell said...

For my son's first birthday I gave him some toys marketed as "12 months and up" and we also did a Zhua Zhou thingy (http://www.beijing-kids.com/magazine/2007/12/03/The-Zhua-Zhou-Way) and took a video of him choosing a "future career path." He's Chinese-American and this is a tradition his birth parents told us about. We let him choose multiple times because he was enjoying the process and it was entertaining, particularly when he ended up crawling around my MIL's chair to get her mini vacuum cleaner.

As for hitting, he started in with the smacking me in the face at about 14 months, and when he was that age I would grab his hand gently and say "no! ouchie!" Also if I was holding him at the time and he did it again I'd put him down and say "no, ouchie!" again. (And then pick him up again after just a sec). After a while he learned not to do that for fun, although he still hits when he's mad (he's nearly 3 and hot-tempered) and gets time-outs as a discipline.

Anonymous said...

Good questions wish I had the answer! :D

Aisha said...

Marydell, welcome to the blog and thanks for your comment. That is very helpful advice. I have been holding his hand and saying no, and then he keeps doing it. I guess consistency is key, today I noticed he did not hit me though I'm sure it will differe day to day. That is SO adorable about the tradition you described. I love that he headed for the vaccuum cleaner! precious! Thanks for sharing :)

Anon- thanks for commiserating at least :)

iamstacey said...

I love the playcube! I bet he'd play with it for a long time. Other than that, I really have no advice. Davie has taken to sucking in my nipple, then rearing her head back and stretching it like a rubber band. OMG, it is SO not designed to be a rubber band. Don't know why I brought this up ... must've been the breastfeeding reference ...

awomanmyage said...

Would you believe my little guy LOVES veggie curry? Don't tell me you don't know how to make that.
I don't really run, more like a run, gasp, walk approach. The BOB strollers are terrific for that. Easy handling, great brake, sturdy.
As for discipline, yep, start now cause it only gets worse. A gently no, don't hurt mummy, be gentle works. We have a dog and it's very important he realized what gentle touch is.
Can't help you on the breastfeeding issue so I'll move on to birthday presents for a one year old. Let everyone else spoil him with crap and get a professional photo of you and him framed. He'll love a balloon and a piece of cake.
As for travel, yeah, not so good. Once they're mobile, it's hell, but give it a shot anyway. We went to San Francisco when he was one and it was difficult. He whined, he didn't nap well, he was into everything in the hotel room. Not relaxing in the slightest.

Mina said...

1 - When we go all veggies, there are some constant ingredients: olive oil, garlic and spices. We often dinner only on antipasti, mozzarella with tomatoes, garlic and basil, grilled veggies and salads (plain, without noodles, rice, meat, just raw veggies). We also have a special jar with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. We use it with both veggies and meat. It is de-leeesh! Now, on with the veggie dishes.

a) Aubergines - cooked with garlic and tomatoes. Or grilled, peeled, chopped with a wooden spatula and mix in oil and chopped onions. To die for! Best eaten cold.

b) Beans - cooked with onions, tomatoes and cilantro. Or just boiled, drained, mixed with chopped onions, oil and balsamico.

c) Peppers - stuffed with mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes and rice, baked in a tomato sauce. Good both hot and cold.
d) Grilled veggies. Or steamed. We have discovered the beauty and taste of steamed veggies since we have 'started solids'. They are so good, especially with the magic oil mix, that you do not need meat.

And the sky is the limit. ;-) Really. You will see, once you put your mind to it.

2 - Can't help you. II hate running.

3 - Interested to find out the others' answers myself. Since for the moment 'No, no, NO' only means 'faster' around here...

4 - Why do you want to wean?
My doc told me that nursing is like dancing, it is wonderful as long as both partners enjoy it. I have no plans to wean any time soon, first because we both love it and then I have no guarantees that I will nurse again, so I intend to make the most of what I have NOW.

5 - George's birthday is still three months away. I cannot think that ahead into the future right now. ;-)

6 - Also can't help. But very curious to hear others' opinions.

Mina said...

Blogger won't let me post as kmina. "§'*%&.

Anonymous said...

For running, my best advice is to embrace the concept of running like an old woman. By that I mean, jogging at an unbelievably slow pace where you feel like old women using walkers are passing you by. Its about building endurance as well as speed.

Also, you might try this trick my husband taught me on a running track recently - you run the straight parts and briskly walk the curved parts. This helps to build up your running stamina as well and is short enough where you feel that you can push yourself at least that far.

I also created a playlist that has a lot of songs that are inspirational to me, though is probably the cheesiest playlist you could imagine - that keeps me motivated and helps me talk myself into not quitting as I am huffing and puffing :)

As for the smack, I would stop everything - and with a very serious face, look him straight in the eye and say "no hitting, that hurts mommy," then take his hand and gently smooth it across your face and say "gentle touches" so he gets an example of what an appropriate touch is. He is clearly testing his boundaries, and you want to nip any rough touch issues in the bud if you can.

Hope that helps!


Aisha said...

Stacey a friend of mine's daughter did that. OW!!!!! :( How does one change that. Hang in there, you're a trooper! :)

Awomanmyage, I can make a handful of desi dishes [i.e. south asian] that are vegetarian but that's it. And it gets boring. K doesn't like veggie curry at all, though I adore it. I guess most men have carnivore tendencies? It's a challenge to find good tasting hearty vegetarian meals. And PORTRAIT, thank you for the idea!! Am booking one NOW. [literally, now]

Kmina, it wouldn't let you sign in?!? I've been told by others this is happening, will send an e-mail to blogger about it. Weird. It also ate a comment I wrote yesterday too. I don't get it. Thanks for the advice- and your perspective on breastfeeding from your doctor is interesting and makes me think. . . I wanted to stop b/c I heard they sleep better once weaned [ahhh sleep] and because I wnat to diet harder and can't because of nursing. . . but its hard to stop because he enjoys it so much and because he does I do. Not easy :( Thanks for the recipe ideas and the base ideas! I will try some of this ASAP

Maleeha, that's what my other friend who did this said too, to run really slow- I get embarassed but maybe its what I have to do to slowly build endurance. Good idea about the walk/run rationale with curves! Thanks for the dscipline tips they do help!!

Anonymous said...

Nursing: I nursed until 1 year and 8 mo and weaned by going cold turkey (it was a very hard week for both of us, but my family was around and they helped distract her). Some ppl wean in stages (at night first, then during day, etc) but my daughter was so attached (seems like your son) that I thought that would just drag things out and not necessarily make it easier. The older they get, the more attached they become. But, again, you may already be there (in terms of how attached he is), so you might as well enjoy it! And then wean him when you want to... (just my opinion)

I don't remember when kids start understanding time outs, etc but your son is probably too young. I would say "no" and hold his hand away from you (if you catch it in time!) and stay consistent with that.

Good luck! Those are the only two I can help with.


Julia Munroe Martin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Lots of questions, hope I can help.... my main advice about parenting is what you're already doing: enjoy it, give lots of love, spend lots of time with him, and appreciate him for the unique person he is!

Ok, specific answers, based on my own opinion, only (for what it's worth...):

1. We eat a lot of (southwest style) beans and brown rice. Pinto beans cooked with garlic, onion, oregano, a little hot pepper, served over brown rice with onion, cheese, and salsa. With salad. So good and healthy! Also can use this for burritos. Delicious! We also eat frittatas with potatoes, onion, broccoli, eggs and cheese. And stirfry a lot of veggies (like last night stirfried asparagus, delicious!!).

2. can't help you on this one :) ... not a runner.

3. smacking....hmmm, not sure. With discipline in general, we never used timeouts. We took a class in parenting when our son was about 3, and from that time on we only ever gave a series of choices and natural consequences. For example, when he didn't want to hold hands crossing the street, we'd carry him. Didn't want to stay in play areas in the yard, we'd go in, etc. He/she (daughter, too) always felt they were making choices. VERY effective, very responsible respectful kids. Not sure how this would relate to smacking...I tend to agree with another commenter that I'd get very serious (but not meanly) and end all other fun activities -- then tell him we'd start having fun again when he was ready to be gentle. (he's one! he will understand!) I loved the natural consequences model, worked well for us, my kids tease me about it now when I have a tough time with choices :)

4. Nursing. a long time ago, but no bottles here--my kids wouldn't take them! Son naturally stopped around 12 mos. Daughter, I weaned at about 16 months bec. she couldn't go to sleep unless I was there! It was NOT fun, very traumatic, lots of her crying while being held by my husband and me crying (in separate room), but sigh....it was ok eventually. (I'd check with an expert on this one...)

5. YES PRESENTS!! FUN!! :) And great photos :) Maybe they don't demand but still... I have a great photo of my son rocking out on his first b'day to a CD player we got him. PRICELESS!

6. again, can't help you, we traveled mostly by car. Which was not as easy with a toddler than an infant. Friends I know who travel with kids say it's easier if you get your kids used to traveling at an early age. So, if I were you, and I loved travel, I'd do it! Then your son will probably catch your enthusiasm (I traveled a lot, way too much as a kid, which ended up having the opposite affect, so there you go!).

Aisha said...

Thanks Rasha! did you experience a lot of pain and/or infection in stopping cold turkey? I know when I skip a feeding for one reason or another like for a nap he didn't take the pain is substantial. Did she take milk through the sippy cup in lieu of nursing? W uses the sippy cup as a toy. He will ultimately drink 6 ounces of water through it, but only through the course of a day.

Julia, thanks for all your suggestions! That's true, they'll have the photo of themselves with their gift and remember you got them something :) Love the idea about the discipline. Will have to read into this more. I can't do this yet since we can't communicate in this way [to give him choices] but it can definitely help going forward when he's older. Mmm bean burritos, thanks for the idea, will have to google for how to make it right, I once made it just by thinking of how it might be made, and the result was a bit . . . not good.

Yen said...

Aisha, re: running, it's my legs that get tired first. I'm not out of breath at the end of my run, although psychologically, I'm ready to stop because I told myself I just have to get to X amount of minutes and then I can go sit on the couch and eat cheese puffs.

PandaBear said...

First of all, congrats! Our baby is not quite eight months, but I think nursing to one year is wonderful You do not need to push yourself to stop until you are both ready. Just because your son may not need nursing nutritionally he most certainly needs it emotionally or you would be able to get him to nap or bed by other means! I am still nursing and plan on doing so until at least two, or as long as it takes - ie self weening. As far as discipline goes I do not think I can be the strict disciplinarian. A firm 'NO' will suffice, followed by removal of the toy and distraction to avoid the behavior. And as far as running goes, well, I am not help there. I can only walk briskly, but good luck with it!

Aisha said...

Thanks PandaBear :) I guess I worry if I don't wean he will NEVER wean, lol. Seriously, he's a big fan. Also, I heard kids who are weaned sleep through the night. And while W is getting better at that its still once a night waking. So It hought it might be a good thing to do. But it is very hard to do!

raisingbrainchild said...

Goodness, you covered a lot of material in this post!

First of all, Happy First Birthday, Waleed! And congrats to you, because that first year really feels we'll be doing some birthday celebrating of our own this weekend.

Running: Um, I want to be a runner. The idea sounds great in my head. I love the idea of zipping down the street, wind in my hair. And then I start running, and I hate every minute of it until I start walking. My husband loves to run, but I just can't catch the bug in real life. Now, I did find yoga, and I have never looked back!

Discipline: He's probably still young for the concept of discipline, but you can definitely utilize redirection. But, look into the theory behind positive parenting (also, positive discipline, gentle discipline). I'd probably suggest taking his hand and using it to stroke yours while saying "gentle touches." Basically, show him the right way to use his hands right now than just telling him no. In theory it works. :)

Traveling: Baby vs. Toddler. Baby all the way. Maybe it gets easier when you purchase them their own seat on a plane. I'll let you know, but trying to contain a mobile toddler on our laps for an entire flight = not fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was planning to nurse Idrees as long as possible. He stopped cold turkey at 14 months. I wasn't ready! I promptly gained 10 pounds after that!
A balloon on his first birthday is priceless.
Traveling while they are still nursing tops the cake! If they cry, give the boobie ;-)
Leigh Ann

Aisha said...

Raising, like you I love yoga hate running, but I need to kick up my cardio and because its such a struggle I really want to overcome it. Thanks for the advice on discipline, and that is my fear with a toddler, the desire to explore. On a plane!!!! lol.

Leigh Ann, its been so long, nice to hear fromm you :) HE stopped cold turkey? I didn't know that was possible. Hmm. By the time he was 14 months though, how much were you nursing? Currently I'm nursing about 4 times a day.

Bansheeb said...

1. I've made a vegetarian spaghetti - I'm looking into more veggie meals too but haven't had much luck. The veggie spaghetti I cut up and sauteed peas, carrots, and broccoli (veggies I had on hand) and then blended them and a can of garbanzo beans (for protein) into a pre-made spaghetti sauce with my food processor...I'd add a little water or tomato juice because it got a bit thick. Then seasoned the sauce to taste - warmed it up and served over pasta!

2. I've been meaning to do a couch to 5k for about 7 months now...ever since the 6 week "all clear" after delivering Wiggles. I...have yet to do it. I now say I'm waiting until I'm done nursing. We'll see. The advice I have from a friend who started with couch to 5k and just finished her first marathon (for serious!) is to get a running buddy. Because then you keep each other accountable and it's more fun.

3. Wiggles is a bit of a hitter too - I've been doing what you do...

4. I agree with the others who say you don't need to wean yet if you don't want to. My plan is to start by skipping one nursing session (probably a day one) and replace it with milk in a sippy...then after my supply seems to have regulated out skip a second one and so on. Currently Wiggles nurses 4-5 times a day...I hope to start around 1 year so that it'll be just 2 times a day, morning and night. And then go from there...but we'll see. It's all theoretical so far! I'll be curious to see what works for you guys!

5. We were thinking of getting a zoo membership for the family as a 1st birthday present...but no...not planning on too many, if any, of the presents he can open from us. Grandparents will likely send a few things though.

6. I've heard it just gets harder the more mobile they are...I'd say...harder doesn't mean impossible. If it's important to you to go, then go and just go with the right frame of mind. If you're expecting it to go poorly it'll probably not be that bad! :) Bring lots of distracting toys and snacks...and try to have fun! Being stuck with a 7 month old for 10 hours in an airport due to an unforeseen mechanical problem sounds like a nightmare...and it's true I was near tears several times in those 10 hours, but Wiggles and I made it through and it actually was a pretty good bonding experience!

Aisha said...

Banshee, veggie spaghetti is a great idea! WOW you have a friend who went from couch to 5k to MARATHON!!! I am PUMPED NOW! :) Thanks for sharing! How old is Wiggles again? Not as old as W right? I want to get it down to twice a day, right now its way too much for his age I think but its how he naps :( Thanks for the tip on presents, and about traveling. Yikes at the delay! You have a good perspective though :)

Banshee said...

Wiggles is 8 months old :)

katery said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!people asked you if you knew bin laden was in pakkistan because you are pakkistani?? that is ridiculous.

katery said...

i have flown three times since louise was born, twice by myself, and every time i swore it was the last time, it is SO hard.

i assume you're talking about this toy:

i hadn't planned on buying louise any big christmas presents until i saw it. we have it and i think it's pretty cool, i thought louise would play wiht it all the time, but she hardly ever does. dawn from "can you imagine" got one for her daughter willow ans says sh plays with it all the time. willow and loiuse are the same age but i'm thinking she'll like it better when she's a little older. or not. not all kids like every toy, right?

katery said...

this toy is really cool too, also available at target:

Anonymous said...

Aisha, pain, yes; infection, no (Alhamdulilah). Yes, she drank milk from a sippy cup from then on out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was me. --Rasha

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