Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things I will miss when you're grown

1. The way your chubby toes flatten against the tiles when I set you down.
2. The feel of your soft curls as you rest your head in the hollow of my shoulder.
3. Your smiles in general.
4. Your toothless grins in particular. 
5. The way you delight in peek-a-boo with your father, eyes wide, arms and legs kicking in unison- literally happy from head to toe.
6. How you lift your food pinched between your thumb and finger, like a baby monkey.
7. The way you breathlessly whisper bye-bye with a solemn flap of your hand.
8. And stare at us when you're annoyed, eyebrows raised, a twelve month old teenager.
9. The pout of your lips as they pucker up when you, well, pout.
10. Those soft baby cheeks, that silky hair, that button nose, these tiny fingers, and toes.

The way you howl in the dead of night, misery unparalleled- until I picked you up and in an instant there is silence- your head against my shoulder, your body limp with relief because all is once against right with the world. This ability to wholly transform your world from darkness to lightness and joy with a simple embrace? That? That is what I will miss most.


Anonymous said...


Farah said...

So sweet.

Anonymous said...


'Murgdan' said...

Yes, Yes, Yes.

Aisha said...

A, Farah, Anon, thanks for your sweet comments, and Murgdan, thanks for relating :)

C said...

Sigh. I already miss all that, and so much more. His baby smell, the way he breastfed, and the content look on his face after a feed.Can you tell I am getting nostalgic here? :)

kmina said...

Oh, yes... Especially when adolescence is to wreck havoc with the ranging hormones and the newly found independence, I will definitely miss this privileged status of 'healer of most evils' and my magic touch to make most of things as good as they were.
And of course I do not want child to have a double chin for all of his life, but my, am I gonna miss the feeling of kissing his double chin now and the laughter I am treated with every time I do that.

Tiger said...

I even experience this with kids that aren't mine, but I've know their whole lives. Aww, what happened to the big bugs game and asking me for stories and the I love yous? Now it's all stompy feet and I don't wannas!

Julia Munroe Martin said...

I guarantee you're right. You will miss these things! Especially, as you say, the embrace to make the world lighter.

Aisha said...

C, it all goes by so fast! Btw- when did you wean him??

Kmina, what a cute image of his laughter as you kiss his double chin! Awwww! Yes, I do fear adolescence for the same reason :)

Tiger, aw yeah- its gotta hurt the day the peek-a-boo is no longer cool, or whatever else delighted them, they've simply outgrown :( Thanks for your comment!

Julia, spoken like a woman who has first hand experience :)

Roadblocks and Roller Coasters said...

Beautifully said and painfully true.

Aisha said...

I know you reflect on this bittersweet aspect of parenthood so I knew you would understand :) Thanks for your comment :)

C said...

At 8 months. I was losing too much weight, D wasn't gaining much. My supply was low. Made sense to wean him. I still feel guilty at times though.

iamstacey said...

I love this post :) It's just too sweet.

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