Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coffee. And the etiquette of 'Excuse Me'

Waleed and I stopped at my favorite coffee shop in a caffeine-deprived haze this morning to grab a cup of Joe before heading to the Center Of The Universe park. I'm more of a chai drinker as coffee can be very strong for me resulting in uber-giddiness but I was uber-tired and sprung for the full-out caffeine coffee instead of my usual half-caff. At the coffee condiment counter I leaned to get a stirry-thing [It has a name. I'm sure it does. But my post-coffee-caffeine-induced-crash is clouding my brain] just as someone else reached for the same jar.

Excuse me, I said as I took the stirry-thing.

The thirty-something man in the green parka paused looking at me for a good ten seconds [which, count out a ten-second-silent stare. It's long] and then responded: It's fine. I guess. And walked away.

Say What?

It could be argued that green parka-ed individual was also in a similar foggy caffeine-deprived haze and therefore cannot be held responsible for the aforementioned response but it really made me think as my excuse me was not truly a heart-felt request for sincere excusement but more an instinctual response one gives in polite society during moments like this. Instead, he heard my excuse me and then paused to contemplate whether he would in fact, excuse me. It's not like I accidentally stumbled over his cherished pet koala bear or cut in line with five of my closest friends. We reached for the same jar at the same time. A likely common occurrence in the land of coffee shops and stirry-things and certainly nothing that merited a carefully considered offering of forgiveness but instead a quick response along the lines of It's all good or No worries  or oh no! excuse me!

And yes, its entirely possible that this post is not actually a post about excuse-me-etiquette but more a cautionary tale of the moments right before a caffeine-induced giddy high transforms into a total-full-on-caffeine-crash resulting in ramblings posts such as these.

In other words, I'll be sticking to chai.


Jamila said...

lol, you're too funny. But, what a strange response by the man!

Anonymous said...

that's we like to give you lots of coffee :-D

Aisha said...

Jamila, it was! Likely a result of not having caffeine in his system- but- STILL lol :)

Anon, I know y'all ply me with coffee to entertain yourselves. lol

sprogblogger said...

Sounds bizarre. Hope he got his coffee-fix & couldn't remember why he was so cranky--be a shame if that was actually his normal self coming through!

katery said...

what a jerk! it's called a stir stick in my world, but i'm sure there's a more appropriate name!

Fruitful Fusion said...

I just love how you make such random things like this, so enjoyable to read. And you make me feel so normal on my bleugh days. Thanks hun!

Aisha said...

Susan, afterwards I thought, maybe he got lost in a train of thought-- maybe he was autistic-- so many possibiltiies, hopefully he wasn't just a jerk though, lol.

Kate, My husband calls it a stirrer but that sounds akward to say. I'm now going to have to find out exactly what the word is, stir stick sounds right :)

Fruitful, thank you so much, your sweet words made my day :)

awomanmyage said...

Sigh, why are there always people like that in this world? WHY?

Julia Munroe Martin said...

Ugh. Mr. Green Parka sounds like a real charmer. No manners whatsoever!

Aisha said...

Awoman, It's the billion dollar question! ::(

Julia, I guess it takes all kinds :)

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