Friday, December 09, 2011

On loving me. Hating me. And monkeys.

It's been years since I shared some of the interesting ways that led you to my virtual doorstep, but these? These are definitely worth sharing. 
  1. Do I love Aisha Iqbal?
  2. I love you Aisha Iqbal. 
  3. Hate being married to Aisha Iqbal
  4. How to psychoanalyze Aisha. 
  5. Want to leave Aisha*
  6. Aisha Monkey 
Not sure if this is incredibly funny or incredibly creepy but really hoping these searches were not specifically intended for me.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated to the post - do you still do your movie and book reviews?

Aisha said...

Susan, I saw a comment from you but now its gone. . . weird.

Anon, funny you asked that. . . I was just considering starting that back up in 2012. Miss doing it.

katery said...

haha, that is too funny!!!

Jamila said...

lol, oh dear.

Mina said...

Funnily creepy.
But what is up with the last one? :-)

Aisha said...

Kate, Jamila, Mina, strange but true :-/ Mina, I don't know what's up with that search term but its been consistently a big search term for the past five or so years!!!

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