Friday, December 16, 2011

On Santa boats, small living, and screaming. Loudly.

I've only been at my parent's house for approximately 12 hours and these are the events transpiring [in addition to the dancing Santa, on a musical boat, being pulled by a truck, being escorted by twelve bedazzled scooters up and down my parent's street. Yep. I love you Florida. Don't ever change]:

1. Waleed ran around with a toy train pretending it was a space ship that crashed loudly to earth. Every ten seconds.
2. He ran up the stairs. And down the stairs. Twenty-five times.
2. He found my childhood Casio piano and banged out several new original musical compositions.
3. And then rushed out to the fenced backyard pulling oranges and inspecting grapefruits while I sat under the covered porch and read a book.
4. He stood in the center of the family room and belted out the ABCs [incomprehensible to anyone but the well versed in Waleedism] in full opera dramatic grandeur. I swear the walls might have shook.
5. He then proceeded to pretend with his stuffed animals about what appeared to be very loud, very angry middle east peace talk negotiations. There was clashing of stuffed heads of state.
6. He turned a chair into a shopping cart and pushed it around the house adding books and pens that might come along the way. [He also appears immune to the noise that wood scraping against tiles makes which I sadly, am not]
7. We called Baba and proceeded to have a speakerphone conversation complete with wild gesticulations and leaping from sofas to emphasize certain necessary points.

And each time these things happened, I instincitively cringed. Instinctively went to tell him to stop because of the neighbors. They might hear. And then ofcourse I realized, no one can hear. It's us. And he can scream as loudly as he wants with wild abandon. He can jump from sofas. He can toss his train. Because it's a house and it's just us and it's okay.

And while small-living has its benefits such as less to clean, and no yard to mow, and lower heating bills [and I am sure there are times you do want someone to hear you if you are screaming] my is it nice to let my son let out his full on boyish giddy self. It's nicer than I can put into words. I'm sure Bob is happy too.

Really hope we find a house we love soon.


Julia Munroe Martin said...

This is such a fun and hilarious post!!! I especially love the #5 Middle East angry peace talk negotiation acting out. HAHA! And thank goodness he (and you) can finally be giddy with wild abandon. YAY!!

Anonymous said...


Sprogblogger said...

Heheheheh!!!! Glad he's getting some giddy, happy, screamy boy time, and glad you're getting a break from too-near neighbors.

And yes, definitely hope you find your forever-home soon!

mystic-soul said...

Enjoy this time...I miss those days till today....They grow very fast (It may seem a trivial statement to you now but trust me - time flies)

Aisha said...

Thanks Julia And thanks for the twitter mention! :)

Thanks Anon :)

Susan, oh yes, no one is to blame in our living arrangement and like I said lots of perks but this letting him be the full on monkey he is-- awesome. My son has the lungs of a an operatic tenor.

Mystic, I know. I already feel these moments slipping away. Sometimes I miss them as I enjoy them.

Jamila said...

Hilarious! Toddlers are more entertaining than most reality TV shows. Glad that you are enjoying time with your parents. Tell them I said Salaam!

katery said...

i hope you find a house soon too, i can't imagine trying to keep louise quiet, she is so LOUD!! endlessly talking and jumping off of things.

kmina said...

It sounds like he is enjoying the stay over at the grandparents quite very much. :-)
Hope you find your dream house soon, W needs space to spend all that energy.

iamstacey said...

I hope your holidays are wonderful! And that you find the perfect house soon! :)

Aisha said...

Jamila, thanks, will do :))
Kate, its literally non-stop!!!
Mina, yes I wish we could stay here until we find a house except well then house hunting will be tough without me there :)
Stacey, thanks hope you are well!!!!!

Tracy said...

LOL. Downstairs Bob is a grump. When I'm an old lady I hope I have a cutie like Waleed making all those fun noises in the apartment upstairs ;)

Love "Waleedism" :)

Happy new year!

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