Thursday, January 05, 2012

112 in 2012

I've missed my listings and truth be told having these lists helps keep me mindful and focused on my year and living it beyond the monotony that can sometimes creep in on the day to day. Hoping to update it weekly as I cross off items on the list. Excited for a new year and new goals to look forward to! What are your goals and resolutions for the year? Please do share if only to motivate me so I can tell myself I'm not crazy for goal-ing as I do. [or well, you can tell my I'm crazy too].

1. 365 Project. Again. Last time I focused too much on perfection, this time I'm focusing on capturing moments and achieving my intended goal of mindfulness.
2. See the ocean. Indeed. We took a cruise. Twas ocean ocean everywhere.
3. See the mountains.
4. Lose fifteen pounds. I actually lost 24 pounds to be exact, but now, post-preggo its time to get back on the wagon again. Yay. [Sigh].
5. Run a 5K.
6. Then a half-marathon
7. Read 50 books. Thirty three books. Was fun trying to reach this one.
8. Get a pedicure.
9. Learn to make Roti
10. Use cash for all purchases for two weeks.
11. Buy a house.
12. And leave no box unpacked.
13. Donate stuff.
14. Quit the nail biting habit A twenty three year habit finally hopefully curbed
15. And get a manicure
16. Get an eye exam  updated here
17. And order contacts updated here
18. Get a physical updated here
19. Find a reliable, trustworthy babysitter updated here
20. Use said reliable, trustworthy babysitter. updated here
21. Don't turn to mobile device during times with family, friends, etc.
22. Find a cute pair of black shoes
23. See a movie in theater.
24. Buy a cool display shelf for Waleed's books
25. And fill it with classics
26. Complete the edits for my novel
27. Write in my moleskine every day [give or take five days]
28. Go sugar-free for one month
29. Take a vacation
30. Play air hockey
31. Make one of my detailed 'desi' drawings on white canvas
32. Try a new local restaurant/eaterie updated here
33. Find a new local park updated here
34. Have a picnic
35. Learn a new chocolaty dessert Took five hours but my was K's bday cake YUM
36.Keep the cell phone away from the bed and don't use it before sleeping for one month.
37. Do a beachfront condo/house rental: Was a hotel but it was beachfront which was the intent.
38. String lights up for Eid
39. Get Waleed a hair cut
40. And a new nose ring
41. Get updated sneakers
42. Lie down on a blanket on the grass and watch the stars
43. Find a new TV series [already out on Netflix] to enjoy.
44.Try 12 new recipes.
45. Take 25 great shots on my SLR camera
46. Frame two.
47. Buy a good bag for my SLR camera
48. Go to my local farmer's market.
49. Look into a community-bulk-local-produce-buying-thingie.
50. Make an Urdu English alphabet book for Waleed
51. Start updating my 101 Things To Do With My Child
52. And create the 101 Things I Did With You scrapbook
53-59. Read Harry Potter 1-7 through and through
60. Grow a plant and not kill it.
61. Create a recipe book
62. Celebrate Halloween with the babe
63. See a live show, play, fine art performance
64. Call Madiha
65. Remove facebook from my smartphone. updated here
66. Remove my notifications from my smartphone for at least one month.
67. Unplug completely from the internet for one complete weekend
68. Make and bake and take homemade cookies to a friend's house
69. Buy Waleed Crocs
70. Bake cookies from scratch for someone updated here
71. Find a new go-to sushi spot in town
72. Have a great sheesha hangout with friends
73. Play poker
74. Whiten my teeth
75. And get a cleaning. updated here
76. Create a skin, bath routine for downtime and relaxation
77. Meditate daily for one week.
78. Do yoga regularly for a month. In a class.
79. Read a book. In Urdu.
80. Cook ahead of time for the week, just once. To see how it goes.
81. Have a proper Thanksgiving meal. Even if its not on Thanksgiving.
82. Watch five Oscar nominated films.
83. Write six love letters- what a fabulous idea.
84. Get a haircut.
85. Get a professional massage
86. See a live sporting event.
87. Share four homemade recipes on my blog.
 88. Try a meal from a country I've never tried before.
89. Spend one weekend on a self-imposed writerly retreat writing, writing, and well, writing.
90. Draft my next novel, even if it kills me.
91. Read every unread book I've purchased.
92. Visit a Museum
93. Go to the botanical gardens
94. Review five places on yelp
95. Buy an Adele CD updated here
96. Update my Amazon wish list
97. Make five physical picture albums
98. Do five random acts of kindness for strangers like pay the toll of the person behind me, etc.
99. Do five random acts of kindness for people I love.
100. Venture into matchmaking territory again, at least once. updated here
101. Get a library card for my new county
102. Change my tags to my new county
103. Subscribe to a really cool magazine [suggestions?]
104. Read the magazine.
105. Buy a cute brewing teapot
106. Buy 100% organic, fair trade [when possible] food for one month.
107. Do a water based boating, rafting, tubing event. Well a cruise is a boat?
108. Eat Godiva
109. Order back up glasses
110. Do NaNoWriMo
111. Rewatch a TV series of choice that I've loved and missed like Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, etc.
112. Update this list weekly.


Anonymous said...

You have yoga twice.

Maleeha said...

Love your list. I found myself wanting to do all of those things. Kept saying "yup, yup" as I went down the list. May we all achieve our goals this year iA :)

Faiqa said...

Wow... this is amazing. I hope Inshallah you're able to accomplish it all. I usually have a running list like this, as well. This year I tossed it and have three things: drink at least 100ozs of water every day, remember I always have a choice and do less. It's the year of the status quo, and I'm okay with that.

Simeen Alikhan Kazmi said...

#103- my favorite magazine has been Real Simple for several years now! Useful and interesting.

Aisha said...

Anon, thanks I missed that! Fixed :)

Maleeha, restart your blog and do 112 in 2012 too! :)

Faiqa, I've tossed it the past few years as well but when I reflect on the year past I've found that it helped me better assess the year when I had this list even when I accomplished only half the things. Ooooh 100 oz water daily! I think I need to add that, good one!

Simeen, haven't heard of it, but will look it up now, thanks!

Cylinda said...

I never fail to be impressed with your lists! And I never stop trying to make a similar one, even though I always run out of ideas around #40. Good luck tackling this list!

Anonymous said...

Love the list. Good luck!

katery said...

hoy cow, you are so ambitious, i feel lazt reading this! i think my new year's resolution is to make it through each day with my mind still intact!!

katery said...


Aisha said...

Cylinda, hopefully I'll be better about updating them but honestly I end up doing about 40 things total each yer- you should do your 40!

Thanks Anon :)

Kate, lol, that should be on my list of things to do too :) Staying sane each day, highly important!!!

Julia Munroe Martin said...

I share 19 things on your list as goals -- most notably to finish the edit of my WIP --> this is my main goal this year. Then onto the search for agents. Then onto the next WIP! I also especially like read (and I would add "or get rid of") all purchased books. Long list but imminently do-able!

Aisha said...

Julia, good luck with that, as soon as I finish this comment WIP is what I'm doing!!! Fingers crossed that 2012 brings good things for you and me!!!!!!!

kmina said...

Happy New Year!
Wow, you're a busy bee.
But how many hair cuts do you need, to have it listed twice? :-) 39 & 84
Good luck with accomplishing everything.
I don't like this kind of lists, they are most of the times a source of making myself feel like a failure, and I tend to dislike that. It doesn't mean that I dn't have goals, I just don't have them set out in a list. :-)

Aisha said...

Mina, whoops! Thanks for pointing that out, that was supposed to be get W a hair cut and me. Still haven't cut my kid's hair :0/ As for listings, this is my third year doing it and I NEVER accomplish close to anything on the list [though I hope, as always, that this year is different] for me its fun to see al that is possible. Even if I don't accomlish all of them, the ones I do feel just funner since I got to cross them of a list. So I guess what I'm really saying is, I just love lists, lol :)

mystic-soul said...

Check with "K" on #4!
(Desi boyz like 'bhari bhari' gals by default)

mystic said...

Check with "K" on #4!
(Desi boyz like 'bhari bhari' gals by default)

Aisha said...

Lol Mystic, thanks for the advice :)

SYounis said...

Hey Aisha, Your list is great and prompted me to make my own over at Heres to hoping we accomplish all we need in 2012!

Aisha said...

Aw that's awesome!!! I will definitely check it out, do keep us posted on your journey through this!! We can do it :)

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