Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 and bloggy changes

I gave up writing movie and book reviews last year. I miss them. While Good Reads is great and I'll continue using it, its not the same as writing my reviews on my own site. I was touched when some of you contacted me asking me why I no longer did them and suggesting I resume. So they're back, both sites and I'm starting off with The Patron Saint of Losers, book #1 in my 50 book challenge for 2012, and a review of the haunting, hilarious, perfect movie Young Adult. I've also restarted up my 365 Project, the first picture is a dark cell phone shot, but I'm going to have to let go of perfection if I want to succeed. Coming up soon? My 112 in 2012 because well, I miss that too since it was a great way to be mindful and focus on one's goals. Hope you enjoy reading them as I do love sharing them!


mystic said...

Why the comment section is off in Project 365 and movie reviews?

katery said...

oh yay! i always loved the pictures! i can't wait to see them. sorry i've been mia, i have missed my bloggy friends :)

Aisha said...

Mystic, Hm, I think the Project is a page so you can't comment on pages, and movie reviews never had comments , you think they should?

Kate, thanks so much! Missed you too!

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog. Please never stop blogging.

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