Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The 112 in 2012 Update

I've been quite lax in my updating of my list of 112 things to do in 2012. Which is a shame since the only thing I love more than creating lists is crossing things off lists. So, without further ado: 

#16 Get an eye exam. Three years overdue and finally done. Each time I went during law school my eyesight dropped dramatically so I pulled an ostrich and stuck my head in the sand until my contacts dwindled to two. Luckily? Vision remained exactly as it was. Phew and #17 Ordering contacts? Done too.

#18 Get a physical. Three years and counting, I felt quite lazy to get this done, but it doesn't hurt that the doctor's office is literally across the street from my house. I figured, if not now, when? So it's done. And the doctor is nice and its sort of awesome to have a doctor within coughing distance.

#75 Get a cleaning. Boring, dull, but done.

#19 Find a reliable babysitter. While Waleed is very easy going when out and about beyond his bedtime of 7:30pm, the issue is that whether he sleeps at 7:00pm or 11:00pm he will still wake up at 7:02 on the dot each morning. And it is then in that early morning hour that the ramifications of a late night out become clear with a very cranky child and a very tired mom for the duration of that day. As most of our friends don't have kids yet and so meetups are right after he should be safely asleep, I finally did a request for babysitters on my parent listserv to see if we could leave the little one behind asleep when we went. We found a teenager a mile down the road with reasonable rates and who made us feel comfortable as her mother was very on top of things and we were going to a gathering very close to our house.

#20 Use said reliable babysitter. My parents never hired a babysitter and admittedly I felt slightly guilty going out for an evening with friends while my child slept in his crib none the wiser. Still, going out, relaxing and not chasing a child amazed at the glasses perched on glass tables and actually engaging in a conversation with my entire attention? Totally worth it. Totally doing it again.

#32 Find a new local restaurant. There's a lot to love about the local eats here but I do miss some of my old haunts. We've tried five different sushi spots but long for the sushi of our former suburb. We've tried a local chicken place which just made us miss hokey-pokey Zaxby's so much more.  Last weekend we headed to Capozzis, a raved upon Italian eatery and while okay enough, made us miss the goodness that is Macaroni Grill. While I love the unique original spots in-town I must admit ever so softly that my name is Aisha, and I love chain restaurants.

#33 Find a local park. Um, considering there are perhaps more parks than parking spots here I've had a very easy time finding new parks though sad to say, nothing beats the toy park that is the center of our universe. It truly is divine, perhaps the divinest thing that ever really was.

#65 Remove facebook app from my smart phone. I've written before about my struggles with being far too digitally connected. Social media has wonderful benefits like the exchanging of information and great articles but it can also take keeping up with the Jonses to an international level where everyone is attempting a veneer of perfection to share with the world. More than this, I just felt myself checking in way more than I needed to so I finally removed my Twitter and Facebook Apps from my phone. Best. Decision. Ever. You don't realize just how much you check in staring blankly at your screen until its gone. Now, my check ins are down to once a day, and sometimes, not at all. The thing about social media is the more you use it the more you "need" it, and the less you use it, the less you really ever see a use for it.

#70 Bake cookies from scratch from someone. I've always been intimidated by baking as I'm an andaza se type of girl but I finally decided to take the plunge and try cookies from scratch and which cookie recipe to try than The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. They were awesome and yummy and I packed a dozen for our real estate agent who said he loved them too [though truly, what would you say if someone baked you cookies? They sucked?] One thing's for sure now that I've baked cookies from scratch for someone I've discovered the special joy in the act of it all being your own work and I will definitely be doing this more. Bonus? It helped Waleed learn a new word: Cuckoo [translation: cookie].

#95 Buy an Adele CD. Not sure what made me put this on my list but done, and from a local spot too!

#100 Try matchmaking again, even if once. Well, it's done. Don't know where it will go. But, the key? Not to take it personally either way. What will be will be!

Other goals: My fifty book goal is plugging on, eight books down and 42 more to go [any recent and I'm learning quite a few new and interesting recipes, would y'all be interested in me sharing them like I've done once in the past? Debating it as its a bit of work to take the pictures and write it up, but if there's interest I might do it.


Leigh Ann Ahmad said...

Ohhhh I do need to take the plunge- remove Facebook app from my phone. I think I will, tremble/shake- I can do it!, right???

Aisha said...

Leigh Ann, I thought it would be hard, but the moment it was gone I didn't miss it AT ALL. Try it for a week, you can always reinstall it if its too tough! :)

Mina said...

Yes for recipes, please!
Even without pictures, I'm in.

SYounis said...

Haha. Great minds think alike! Just posted my update today too! :) :) :)

Bongi said...

What is with toddlers waking up early No matter what time they sleep?? My daughter is now 13 months... She used to sleep till 9, 9:30, I was smug mummy who always had a lie in. And then? 3 weeks ago... Up any time between 5:30 and 7am . What?? No matter what time she sleeps!!!! No matter if she's up all night disrupted with teeth. I'm tellin ya, it's killing me! 5 days till exam! Lol.

Also... Getting rid of Facebook altogether is even better than taking it off the phone. I did it for two weeks... Wow, I suddenly had so much time!!! Ok im now back on as I need something to
While away the sleepless nights, but strictly limited to logging on once in the evening!

Also.. Any book recommends from your list? Did you read Shantaram in the end? Xx

R said...

Hi Aisha! Enjoy reading your book reviews and would love to see you post recipes too! :)

Aisha said...

Mina, will do then for one of my fave bloggy friends :)

SYounis, awesome! Will check it out!!!! :)

Bongi, Tell me about it?!?! What is it with that? Sigh. Ah sleepless nights. I think if one can limit FB which I finally have, its fine, but the issue is the addiction wich is very easy to acquire.

R, thanks :) I already do book reviews, there is a link above with where they are!

Anonymous said...

On day two minus FB app from phone- yay! I checked in once last night and now today (kinda a special day as I wanted to share about my brother) this is my first time checking in. I can do this! Leigh Ann

Aisha said...

Leigh Ann, awesome!!! Missing it yet?!

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