Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's all about perspective

Friend: How's the house-hunt going?
Me: It's tough, we're deciding between old houses and new ones.
Friend: Don't do old! Old houses are rough.
Me: Are they? Some say they're more sturdy, others say they have more issues.
Friend: No trust me, old houses are a hassle. We live in an old house and its not easy.
Me: Oh yeah? When was your house built? We're torn about a cute 1920's bungalow we saw.
Friend: 2006
Me: You mean, the house was renovated in 2006? How'd you deal with lead paint issues? Asbestos?
Friend: No, I mean, they started building the subdivision in 2006.

The spring chicken houses we're looking are 90's build. Anything earlier and we're staring down dirt basements and renovated attic master suites you must be comfortably under 5 feet tall to tromp about in Age, as it turns out, is apparently in the eye of the beholder.


Tracy said...


BONGI said...


Anonymous said...

I think she meant "previously owned" vs. new construction.

Aisha said...

:) Tracy and Bongi

Anon, perhaps, like I said, this is really all about perspective! :)

katery said...

haha! 2006 is old? that's pretty funny. ours was built in the 50's, she must consider that ancient!

muslimah93 said...


kmina said...

You don't get bored, do you? :-)

I wonder what could be so rough and a hassle in a five-six year old house? But then I'm sure my perspective would get in the way and I would not understand.

Intereting, nonetheless. :-)

Anonymous said...


But I must admit that I may have referred to my current rental as old and it was built in 1987, but I was comparing it to the newer condo we used to live in built after 2000.

Aisha said...

Glad y'all found it as amusing as me :-)

Anon, I'd say 1987 isn't a stretch to be called old by any means! but 2006- well, yeah. :)

mystic-soul said...

I think, anything built after 1996 should be good.

.....What you need to remember is the resale value of house in 7-10 years. Believe me, you will be looking a new one again!

Anonymous said...

My parents' house, the house I grew up in, was built in the 1930's. It's beautiful and strong and all the new houses in the area are simply not built the same way. Old is gold, as my dad would say lol. I don't know...have a thing for old things with history and character. That 1920's bungalow just SOUNDS like a dream to me.

Aisha said...

Mystic, after the hassle we're having finding anything worthwhile I want to live in the next house FOREVER lol, but you're right investment is an important way to look at it too.

Anon, thanks for your perspective! Would you say you'd be worried about the foundation and issues relating to that once you hit the 100 year mark?

Anonymous said...

In reply- Hopefully our home will still be in my family by the time it hits the 100 year mark. As of now, it's in its 70s and like I said, is built quite sturdy and well, in such a way that no newer homes are. But of course because it's an old home, we've had to renovate a fair amount over the years.

But any home requires care; an older home requires more care. If you're willing to take on the extra responsibility, you can find yourself in a beautiful, cozy old house you'll find easy to call home :-)

Hope I helped some!

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