Saturday, February 11, 2012

This here life

Sitting across from each other, him watching television, me on the laptop.

Me: Why can't you be romantic like Sami?
K: As romantic as who?
Me: He's just so genuine. Sure he's not perfect, but he's got the biggest heart. He wears it on his sleeve.
K: pauses TV. Who the heck is Sami?!
Me: You know him K, Sami.
K: The book you're writing? He's in the book?
Me: Yeah.
K: basketball resumes. Oh him. Right. I'll try.

And I guarantee you Sami in this particular situation? Would have promptly raced out and bought a dozen roses. And chocolates. And possibly a pink stuffed bear. The joys of marrying a writer who constantly creates characters you as their spouse are then expected to live up to.  


Anonymous said...


Mina said...

I am sure you wouldn not want to be married to Sami, the sensitive. He would talk you to death, analyzing anything and everything, and you would have NO time to write. And I bet he cries at movies and has his manbag full of paper tissues.
My idea of romanticism is when hubs watches the boy while I read blogs. Heaven! :-)

Sprogblogger said...

*snort* I'm laughing through my stuffed up nose. Which is not a pretty sight. At least K is planning to try, but he might not be able to approach such perfection, you know! And after the first twenty-five pink stuffed bears, who really needs another one, right? (Chocolate & roses, being consumables, are in a whole other category & should be purchased constantly!)

Aisha said...

Well, Susan, as Mina [quite hilariously, I had tears in my eyes] pointed out, being so overly sensitive could prove to have some challenges in the real world LOL and yes, I do not envy the receiver of all of Sami's pink bears. I think there are only so many one needs in a lifetime.LOL

Julia Munroe Martin said...

I have had the SAME conversation w/ my husband about my Sami, only his name is Will ;)

Kamille Elahi said...

haha! What an awesome conversation!

Why don't you go and buy yourself roses and chocs? That's what a lot of my married cousins do!

Aisha said...

Julia, LOL glad you can relate

Kamille, heck yeah, roses and chocos can be bought for oneself I say :)

mystic said...

Just tell K - someone is out there understanding him!

Hebah said...

Hi Aisha, I really enjoy reading your blog.

Aisha said...

Mystic, lol, will let him know, lol ;)

Hebah, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, thank you!!

awomanmyage said...

Well, at least I got a spa gift certificate! Tell him your character is also an amazing lover with a few trick moves - that should get his attention!

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