Monday, October 15, 2012

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Checking my e-mail in the family room, I heard my toddler having this one-sided conversation in the kitchen:

Hi mousie! I see you! 
Where you go? 
Where are youuuu? 
Uh oh.

As it turned out he was reading a book. Featuring mice. And while I'm quite relieved it was as simple as this, that walk to the kitchen? Longest. Five. Seconds. Ever.


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Anonymous said...

LOL:) Pixie

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Anonymous said...

LOL :-) Glad for you it was only a story.
I came down to the laundry room last week and there was a what looked like ball of lint on the floor. I almost picked it up with bare hands ... at the last moment, I realized that it was a small dead mouse, covered in lint. I was out of the room VERY quickly. We discovered two more "friends", got the lint trap exhaust fixed and hopefully won't get any more visitors ....

Tracy said...

So glad it was illustrated mice! LOL... Mouse Paint - love that book!

Aisha said...

Glad you all enjoyed the exchange :)

And Anon--------- oh my gosh. I just read that and want to squeel and get on top of a chair. I can't imagine how traumatic that must have been!!!! :(

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