Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On naptime, college, and the one-two punch to the gut parenting inevitably is

Conversation as I tucked Waleed into bed for his nap today:

Me: Did you have fun at school today?
Waleed: I like school!
Me: One day you'll go to kindergarten, then first grade, and then one day much later, you'll graduate high school and go to college.
Waleed: Okay. 
Me: When you go to college will you live with us?
Waleed: Yes Mama.
Me: When you get a job will you live with us?
Waleed: Yes.
Me: Oh yeah? And when you get married? Will you live with us then too?
Waleed: No Mama. Then, Waleed go bye-bye

And then we read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. And I tucked him in and kissed him goodbye. And as I moved to get up, he whispered Mama don't go. Sit down. Stay with me. And then he gripped my hand and I watched him until he fell asleep. 

Oy, this parenting journey is forever laced with heartbreaking punches to the gut isn't it? Yes, one day he will leave the nest, as well he should, but today, he's my toddler roaming the house with monster trucks and toy airplanes and maybe it's the knowledge of how fleeting this all is that makes it so heartbreaking. And so very beautiful. 


sprogblogger said...

Sniff. Thanks for making me weep first thing in the morning! No, truly, a lovely piece. And very true.
Sniff. (And very melancholy-making!)

Sunny said...

Yes, knowing that this phase will pass is comforting, exciting, depressing, and horrifying to me. Although my oldest recently told me that he and his wife (he plans to marry his friend Emily) will live in our house after they get married. So maybe it won't really pass after all?

Aisha said...

susan- you and me both! :(
Sunny-- LOL so there is hope still ;)

St Elsewhere said...

I was laughing belly over at Sunny's comment.

What a beautiful conversation, and maybe if I am not too late, Belated Happy Birthday to Waleed.

Tracy said...

Just don't read the book "Love You Forever" at bedtime - I may or may not have traumatized my kids by sobbing uncontrollably in front of them after reading it LOL

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