Thursday, June 27, 2013

On sleep deprivation, caffeine, and the lack thereof

1:00am: baby wakes
2:30am: baby wakes
4:30am: baby wakes
6:45am: baby asleep
7:00am: toddler wakes
7:15am: make chai.
7:30am: baby swats chai. 

And just as you ask your toddler to please bring you the baby's blanket the toddler yawns and collapses into a pile of cushions and says "no mama I'm just too tired." 

And in that moment I look at my baby. I look at my toddler. And think about how while their tactics might be in violation of Geneva convention agreements somewhere, I am impressed with how well they both worked together on what must surely have been a carefully crafted punking of mama this fine Thursday morning.

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Jamila said...

Lol. I feel your pain!!

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