Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random, slightly coherent, and pictures.

How is this my second post for the month? Sure there's sleep deprivation. And traveling with tots. And visiting family. And finally finishing the edits that badly needed editing. And chasing around a toddler who is not as keen on potty training as you might wish him to be but who has met his match in this equally keen mama and, well, oh yes, that's exactly why I've been MIA.

And yet, when one is MIA for a bit from writing, its hard to figure out how exactly to dive back in as there is so very much I want to share and write about like our trip back to Atlanta today, and Musa's much belated five-month-birthday post, to potty training, to facebook qualms [to delete or not delete, that is the question, deactivated for a week-- but more on that later] and a whole mess of other things that I just haven't had a chance to sit down to write about. I instagram regularly but sharing a photo is not the same as writing a post. And I want to write. Because I miss this space. And I figure, the longer I wait for words to flow, the longer this blog will become a place for haystacks to roll on through.

So this is me dipping my toes back in, hoping that by writing this, by sharing some random photos from our flight home today, some photos I shared on Instagram earlier today, made possible thanks to a lovely little boy who helps me notice things I might otherwise miss, that more words might follow, and perhaps the space and time to share them too.  

Hope you and yours are well.
100% chance rain predicted = sunny skies upon arrival. But ofcourse.
When a sign is not available, ingenuity will do.
Loved this view of the ATL skyline. Atlanta: Home of the Braves, Coca Cola, and. . . Smerk

We are all travelers in this world but grumpy, joyful, fearful or bursting with curiosity-- how we choose to travel-- is in our hands entirely. Thank you to my children and the unique lens of wonderment they lend to all things on life's journey.

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