Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Ten Month Birthday Musa

Dear Musa,

On Monday you turned ten months old. Ten. As in double digits. As in, I now get promotional e-mails asking me how I will celebrate your first birthday, which-- really? While it feels in my heart like time is flying faster than I can blink, I look outside at leaves falling to earth, the air turning crisp, and see you, growing growing you and know that time is making its mark. You are not the baby I began the year with.

You clap on demand, say bye-bye like a pro, and you climb anything you possibly can. This is hilarious, adorable and most of all terrifying.

Parks are also no longer a place you passively lie back in a stroller and watch. No, this month was the month you wanted to get out and get involved. Which, with two kiddos, keeps me busy.

Your father was in Saudi this month and so we spent a few weeks in Florida. You partied it up with your mamus, mami, and grandparents, and spent your first Eid ever with them.

You also began enjoying human table food. Now, I did puree table food, and provide it to you for at least a month now, but now? You don't want that pasty mixture. You want real food, toothless though you are. We discovered this in a most unfortunate way at a restaurant where you refused to eat what I brought you but were tear stricken and hungry beyond belief. I didn't know what I was going to do until you shrieked and jabbed a finger at my salmon. I gave you a small piece. You ate half my fillet. And you never looked back.

Kashmiri rusk, its all the rage.
Abu was gone two weeks and its not as though you wept each night missing him. But when you saw him after so much time apart? Though you humored us with a picture or two in the taubs he brought you boys, you couldn't take your eyes off of him and stayed in his arms the entire night going to no one else, not even me.

And kiddo, as a postscript, I should mention that though your father might not write you monthly love letters, he changes your diapers, gives you baths, feeds you bananas and loves you more than life itself. He might not put it quite this way but he thinks you are sunshine, roses, and fuzzy little kittens all wrapped into one.

As do I. It's a given ofcourse. Parents love their children. But can it ever be said too much how much we love those we love? Because I can't seem to grow tired of telling you. That I love kissing your soft cheeks and watching your face blossom into a grin. I love your nose, how it scrunches when you laugh. I love your giggles. And your squeals, like you're a boy-turned-puppy. We have a problem, us adults. We can sometimes take for granted those we love but ten months in? The wonder and thrill of having you in my life and being lucky enough to love feels as brand new as the day I met you. I'm truly madly deeply in love with you. I am breathless with the joy of knowing you. Will it ever get old? Pretty sure it never will.


Your Mama


mystic-soul said...


Sheryl Parbhoo said...

So precious! Relish every moment!

Life | Above | Zero ! said...

Masha Allaha he is cute

Aisha said...

Thank you Mystic, Sheryl and Life Above Zero!!! :)

iamstacey said...

I just love his big brown eyes! He has so much hair!

Anonymous said...

MashaAllah he is so precious. Those eyes kill me they are so gorgeous!!!! Pixie

Aish said...

Stacey and Pixie, thank you so much!!! Stacey, its funny you say that because we are surprised with how little hair he has [compared to big bro lol]

Julia Munroe Martin said...

10 months already??? Wow, I feel like I've been way out of touch! He is just sooo adorable. And I love, love the photos of the brothers.

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